What finally made sobriety stick?

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What was the tipping point for you? What was it that changed or made the difference when you finally quit ADHD meds for real, for good. What finally made it stick?

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After adderall basically stopped working and almost losing my marriage. About 12 yrs (total) on adderall. I quit two different times. I finally realized the adderall wasn’t worth it. Quit now- don’t be me. Now all I think about is all the yrs I could have just sucked it up and gone through what I’m going through now. People on this site say -quit now or quit later either way you will have to quit. It is absolutely true. Doctors will tell you this drug is a life long drug. It’s different for everyone, but it does eventually stop working. Don’t wait until that day. It will steal more yrs from your life. Hope this helps. You can get off this drug. I was Diagnosed “ADD” over the yrs by 3 different doctors. I finally realized that I had to get over that core belief. I’m healing my ADD naturally now. It can be done. You just have to believe it can be done. I’m about to begin month 10 off adderall. Best decision I ever made 

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