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Changed my forum name

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Hi guys,

Just to let you know I changed my name on the forum here. ...


I read the quote, "motivation follows action" the other day and it sounded so apt: when you're on adderall you take a pill and then all of a sudden you're motivated to do stuff, to perform, to be the thing you THINK you want to be. Then when the addction really kicks in and you take too much, you realize you've become the very opposite of that.... you're a walking loser, having lost your personality, your soul, your sense of individualism.

When you come off adderall, you have to start doing stuff without being motivated at all. Like a normal person. You have to do shit you don't want to do. You have to take time to do things carefully, and you actually care about the outcome in a way that's REAL (not the adderall-inspired paranoid "but what if I fail" reality which is a terrifying place to be), and you are able to prioritize better because you have your mind focused on what's right because you CHOOSE what your mind focuses on, as opposed to adderall chosing for you. I'm not sure if any of that makes sense but it's one of the big lessons of recovery... that an object in motion stays in motion. So get up offa that thang, because you'll feel better if and when you do.

So, here I am. Day 45. A new me... or at least a more realistic me. <_< Just wanted to post you.

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