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  1. Monthly Check-in / one year update

    I'm about 3 days away from 2 months. It's great to hear that you've nearly got your first year. Seems like such a difficult number to attain. But hey, great job! I'm sure you've been through a lot.
  2. Hi everyone. My name is andrea. Im a 27 year old female. I've been doing adderall for about 6 years, up until about two months ago. It was never prescribed to me. I've been through the same battle that everyone on this site has fought. The last time i did adderall was on July 1st. I can't believe I've made it this far. Nearly two months. I've finally decided that it's my time to quit. I am fucking determined to never do this drug again. The past two months have been absolutely terrible. I just feel depressed and anxious. I do see that as progress though. From the people on this site, I've learned it takes a long time to fully feel recovered. Im bound and determined to keep on going. When I decided to quit adderall, I new it was necessary to change my entire life if I were to succeed. I've been in grad school for four years so far, with the intention of getting a PhD in organic chemistry. This life style is too hard, and I knew that I would have to quit grad school in order to quit adderall. At that time, I decided to tell my boss my plans to leave with a masters degree instead, which most people in my field view as giving up. I really don't care what they think. The few people whos opinion's I care about and are aware of my addiction support me because they care about me and know that quitting means that I will give up this terrible fucking roller coaster aspect of my life. I have been hesitant to share the fact that my decision to leave grad school is all because of my addiction to adderall. I have told very few people, but some that I have told have acted awkward towards me, even though I felt like we were close. I feel like some people are going to change how they treat me. I'm not trying to tell everyone, but I do want to tell some people. I'm not sure if its a good move to make or not. I'm just curious who you have told and how that went over for you?