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  1. Heller people!! My name is Jade! So my journey with this devil drug... I started taking adderall when I was 8 years old, had no idea what it did or whatever but my mom didn't give a shit as long as she didn't have to deal with me. i am now almost 24 and a single mother of 3 children! I have crashed so many times and just seriously feel like I can not even do anything I'm so weak without it and I can't do that rn I have like 0 family support and I know this medication has been ruining my life I recently got back on it and this last time was the worst crash I have ever been through. I wanted to be done so bad but it threw me into depression and I started drinking every day (mind you I've never done drugs like that!) I'm a smoker but I even wanted to quit smoking and that's nearly impossible when you're on adderall you barely eat so you need some kinda hand to mouth distraction! I drink so much soda and just extremely unhealthy, I need some advice or something I was sleeping so much and would literally be awake then pass out and this is while I'm still on it. My first month back on it from the terrible 3 month of being off of it! Constantly have headaches now started getting acne when I've never had acne this bad in my life. Geez I'm just done I want to know who I am with out this damn medication without feeling useless. please help!!!!