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  1. Quitting Adderall

    Hi everyone,Adderall made me hide and lock myself in my room for the whole duration of 2+ years on it. I recently tried going into public again and meeting new people. It worked at first, but my Adderall created social anxiety and paranoia. I didn't want to give up the new friends I had made. So I used alcohol to treat my anxiety symptoms. After maybe a month of doing this I realized how stupid I was being. Moreover, my friends were able to pick up on me being drunk around them. I was extremely embarrassed to tell them my struggles I had been having. It was too much for me to handle so I once again hermitized myself. I'm quitting my Adderall after 2+ years of complete isolation. I got a taste of what its like to be around people. And I felt so happy and miss them dearly! The only way that I can be comfortable around people again is to get off this wretched Adderall. Today is day one without Adderall. The withdrawal systems haven't hit me yet. I'm in school at the moment but I'm willing to risk even failing out of school. Reason being my happiness is more important than anything. Adderall has been holding me back from so many things over these past years. I know my friends will welcome me back when I'm ready. I just want to make sure I'm ready! Once I'm past my 30 day period I will step back out into the public eye.