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  1. Let me start by saying I've enjoyed lurking on these forums for the past year. The lessons and perspectives shared on the site have helped me immensely in my effort to quit. I took Adderall for about 18 months in this last stretch. I was prescribed it in stints as a child/ young teenager but went off of it due to appetite problems/ weight loss. I had been considering quitting due to myriad reasons and finally stopped November 9, 21 days ago. I am a college student and Adderall use is widespread among my peers. Despite its acceptance and desirable qualities, could not stand to take the drug any longer and decided to quit. At the peak of my Adderall use, I would take 30-60 mg in a day, combined with a few cups of coffee a day and a few packs of cigarettes a week. About 6 months ago, I stabilized my dose at no more than 20 mg a day and switched to vaping. 2 months ago, I stopped taking all stimulants due to a bad cold. I was able to stop vaping (and using nicotine) for good, but I kept taking Adderall sparingly. Finally, I had enough and took my last pll on November 9. Getting through school and work has been slightly easier than I had anticipated, but I'm still getting used to the emotional effects and personality changes from quitting. Thanks for reading my story, I'd be happy to delve into details if anyone wants to talk and swap stories.