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  1. ..due to the severity of their addiction? As in, has anyone experienced such profound neurotoxicity after years of adderall abuse that quitting was almost easy?
  2. Cognition

    Has your memory improved since quitting? If so, how long until you noticed improvements? Thanks for your help.
  3. Cognition

    Thank you so much. Did those effects ever go away for you?
  4. Cognition

    Hello, I am at the rock bottom of my addiction and desperate for advice. I'm a graduate student and have been abusing adderall for three years now. My dose for the past year and a half has been anywhere from 60-120 mg a day. I feel as if the drug has ironically caused me to develop severe ADHD. I'm failing my classes due to my inability to prioritize and manage my time. I can't focus or understand anything I read but when I increase my dose I hyperfocus and end up wasting time. I'm anxious and isolated and have completely lost my ability to socialize. I feel that adderall has permanently lowered my intelligence and I'm wondering if anyone has insight or personal experience with this. I've tried to quit many times but the fatigue and stress from my coursework is overwhelming. My main goal now is to simply make it through the semester without dying or failing, and work on quitting when I don't have as much going on. I can't tell if this is a realistic goal or not. My memory is shit, I can't make decisions to save my life, I'm always behind on things. I don't know what to do. Is it a lack of chemical or nutrient that is affecting my cognition and causing this? Is there anything I can do or any supplements you have tried that have restored your brain functioning? Am I doomed and should I drop out now? Thanks in advance.