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  1. My story living with my adderall addicted wife

    I think both men & women are equally capable of cheating. The difference is how vicious, vindictive, how incredible brutal and remorseless women can be...and I've had other women agree with me on this point. As I said earlier, when I told my now ex-wife that I hoped she would burn in Hell, for the first time I saw concern in her soulless eyes. She actually wanted me to take that comment back? I refused. Of all the nasty language used in our fights, this is the one phrase that actually freaked her out? BTW, the only one in our relationship to use physical violence was her! She had a 6th degree black belt, and was an instructor, not some defenseless woman. I'm trained as well, but NEVER used physical violence, and never would against a female. I was told that I should forgive her? I spoke to my Priest about forgiving her, and he asked me if she actually asked for forgiveness...? She told me she did nothing wrong! My Priest then said, if she is not asking for forgiveness," then I am not obligated to forgive her!
  2. My story living with my adderall addicted wife

    I never thought my then alleged wife would cheat, and truthfully it took time for me to identify the signs. Keep in mind, the adderall really does change their psychology, your wife will do things you will never believe could be true. When I caught her in several lies, she denied them even though the facts were there. She even convinced my son what she was doing was okay? My PI found 4 men she had affairs with, 2 of which were married. One of these men was a fireman, and he was married. I found photos of my alleged wife, my son, and this fireman together for Christmas, prior to my son spending time with me. My PI gave me the fireman's address, and I was going to go visit his wife with the photos/videos my PI provided, while her husband was at the fire station - and my son begged me not to! Do not underestimate what you spouse is capable of, I know of two other doctors/friends that had the same exact thing happen to them! There is a female PHD psychologist out there that wrote a book on women cheating on men, and as I recall there was 13 signs, I identified 11 signs. I'm not sure if you have ever been divorced? If not, you lack the frame of reference to understand just how painful the experience can be. Over the years, I've had several friends get divorced, many were military pilots or MD's, and I never realized what hell they went through. If I were you, I'd start researching the topic, and the signs.
  3. My story living with my adderall addicted wife

    Just some friendly advice, based on my experience and the experience of two others I know that had similar situations with their wives. make sure she is not having an affair. Better start paying attention more closely. I never thought my alleged wife would cheat on me, but she did multiple times. The signs are always there, typically men do not recognize it until it's too late.
  4. My story living with my adderall addicted wife

    Adderall had the opposite affect on my then alleged wife. She became a liar, a thief, an prolific adulterer, a total b!tch, and worse. She even committed insurance fraud with the marriage counselor I paid for, all in cash. I paid the so called Christian marriage counselor cash in advance, then the Christian marriage counselor would give the money to my the alleged wife, then billed th insurance company. My P.I. found out that both the Christian marriage counselor and my alleged wife went out to pick up men at bars, casinos etc...I could go on and on, it is truly amazing how evil my alleged spouse became. I do my best to forget the vindictive, hateful things she did to hurt me. Her mother had mental issues, violent tendencies, perhaps Adderall has specific affects based on the genetic background of the patient? We know marijuana can cause certain individuals to develop schizophrenia, if the is a genetic history is there. If you knew who I was, my background etc... you would really have to wonder what I did to deserve the hell she forced me in to...I did everything to salvage the marriage, the adderall made up her mind the day she took it.
  5. Interesting, I never developed any addiction or dependence on Adderall. Even with alcohol, I rarely become intoxicated, just headaches.
  6. Yes, euthanized 7 cats and 2 dogs. From what I understand, it is not all that uncommon. What is interesting, is that of all the arguing and profane language between us, when I told her I hoped she would "burn in Hell", and it was this phrase that actually concerned and offended her a great deal. Very interesting.
  7. My ex-wife, as far as I know, was on adderall for a period of 3 - 6 months. It was my understanding her doctor would not prescribe it. However, the people she now associates with would certainly be able to obtain adderall for her. I have not spoken to her for over 5 years, so I really do not know. According to friends I have locally, who are in LE, she is frequently around people of questionable character, known perps. From what I've researched, it appears that the affects of this drug, on certain people, is permanent. As far as I know, If she is taking adderall now, it would probably be the only drug she abuses...but who knows? She is the type of person who is easily manipulated by others, a very weak mind.Add to this the psychological history of her mother....? So many factors to consider.
  8. The change in personality on the first day was astounding. From that day on, she was never the same woman I married. Someone should really be pursuing studies on adderall and it's affects on the brain, from person to person, male and female. She became ugly both on the inside as well as the outside, she aged rapidly in the face.I'd also point out that her mother had psychological issues, tendencies toward violence, which suggests a possible genetic component. Perhaps those patients being considered for adderall should also have their family history screened.
  9. I'm very curious, how many have seen obvious, negative psychological changes in your spouse immediately after taking Adderall? When my then alleged spouse of 19 years first took adderall, the change was very obvious, almost like she was possessed by a demon, no joke. I do know of others who have had similar experiences, and their spouse was not on any other prescriptions like antidepressants or narcotics. The adderall alone changed their spouses into strangers. After our divorce, I allowed her to remain in my house, to watch over our son and take care of our 7 cats and 2 dogs, most of them we rescued, had for over 2 to 9 years. When I traveled overseas, she EUTHANIZED ALL OF THOSE ANIMALS! These cats & dogs were like our children, what kind of person would do such a thing? This destroyed me.
  10. Wife and Adderal

    In my case, my wife's adderall abuse had an opposite affect, she ended up in the bed of at least 4 other men, two of which were married. You should consider another doctor, one that does not promote a poly-pharmacy of medications. In my case, the woman I married was permanently changed psychologically, not even her own family recognizes her or tolerates her. Unfortunately, there is no recourse for either of us.
  11. I was prescribed adderall by my family doctor, after seeing a psychologist as required. In truth, the adderall had no real affect on me other than lack of sleep and loss of appetite. I lost approx 5 Ibs without much effort, and my wife of 19 years noticed this quickly. To be clear, I did not have a weight issue, however, my wife believed she had an issue with weight. She asked if she could try my prescription at a lower dose to see if it would work on her, then she would pursue the doctor for her prescription. I was hesitant to do this, but she was adamant she try the adderall just for several days, to make sure she doesn't waste her time going to the doctor. I relented, a huge mistake. The adderall had the desired affect, she lost weight quickly. But something else happened, her personality changed almost immediately. I truly believe this was the marking point of the end of our marriage, her personality/psychology was permanently altered. I stopped giving her the adderall, she was supposed to see our doctor to obtain her own Rx. Over several months i still received my adderall Rx, but rarely used it, and I stored it away. After the Rx ran out, I stopped obtaining refills. As for my wife, her behavior had changed for the worse. While on a business trip, I received a call from her out of nowhere, asking for a divorce! I was in complete shock, in disbelief. I ended by business trip to return home, my bank accounts emptied, the house empty of her belongings. In addition, by adderall that I had stored away, was all missing. My spouse was no longer the wife I remembered, and what she did to destroy me was unbelievable. I had hired a PI to gather more information, and it turned out that she had had over 4 affairs, one of which was an attorney that worked at the the same office she did. Apparently, for at least a year, she was preparing for the divorce. I even found papers where she was going to have me removed from our house, the house I paid for, mortgage under my name, under the pretense that I was violent or physically abusive - all lies. She confessed to me that she decided not to, because she did not want our son to see me go to jail. According to my attorney, the real reason was that she would eventually go to prison for lying on a government document, deceiving the court. There is much more to this, this is obviously an abbreviated version of events. When I look back at the horrors, brushes with death I've endured while in a military environment, I would prefer to relive the Hell I went through, almost at death's door, rather than going through what my alleged spouse put me through. After 5 years, I can now say thank God! I'm starting a new life, hopefully a new family. I truly believe adderall's affect on one individual to the next can be very different, and possibly very destructive. I lost a total of 24 years of my life, and thank God I'm barely young enough to start over. My ex-wife's family are still close to me, and they no longer communicate with her at all. My anger and resentment is replaced by the knowledge that God will take care of everything, and everyone involved.