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  1. Day 2 Clean

    i have never been this tired in my whole life it seems L(
  2. Day 2 Clean

    Day 3 here I go!!! could not agree more about the relapse, because then the question is now what? and i am someone who once I took one pill, i wanted as many as I could get my hands one. I have stolen pills from my boyfriend, brothers, cousin, friends, co workers super awful. i hate thinking about it. and once i take 10mg, i will take 150 mg the craving never ever stops, anyone else feel like this?
  3. Day 2 Clean

    for sure, it is so hard when you still have to work and are expected to do everything you were before!! but just need to get as much sleep as I can I guess... when do you think you were finally like ok i don't need it or am i always going to think about it
  4. Day 2 Clean

    Hey everyone, I know day 2 isn't much, but I truly hope this time sticks for me. I've been dealing with adderall addiction for about 7 years now and man is it so tough. How do you guys fight the urge to not use again? My boyfriend is prescribed, same with both of my brothers so I feel like it is constantly around. I also get so bored at work when I don't take it and my production levels are so low...any advice would be awesome. It is crazy how lonely this feeling is
  5. First time member here- how did it go @DelaneyJuliette I also struggle because my boyfriend has an adderall prescription so I often find myself taking his or thinking about it more often because I know its there....its the worst!