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  1. Hi everyone! I have been reading all of your posts over the past 9 months and finally decided I should share my story. Looking back I have definitely dragged out this process for longer than I thought I would but I was able to listen to my body and slowly taper down from 60 mg a day. I decided that this period of social distancing was the perfect time finally go cold turkey. I am 33 and have been taking 60-90 mg/day since 2006. I run my own accounting firm and was terrified my business would spiral out of control w/o it. But after a year of working hard to become a better person/boss/wife/daughter, I realized adderall was hindering my growth and preventing me from learning who I really was. There have been some REALLY hard months, brain fog was out of control Sept and October. But I managed (for the most part) to stick to my prescribed dosing and not freak out. I started working out 4x per week, super early, and that was literally the game changer. The days I don’t workout are so much harder (today being one of them). I also stopped drinking b/c that made the mornings so much harder. I have gained weight, but I’m ok with it, learning to love myself even more and I know it won’t last forever. I know this next month will be difficult, but I am hoping I have eased some of the burden by tapering down. Thank for all for your stories and advice, they have helped make this possible.