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  1. when adderall stops working

    the fact that i have built up a tolerance for it indicates that my system is used to it and only functions "normally" when the drug is present. it doesnt mean that i could quit more easily. quite the contrary. ever known a long time alcoholic? they only feel normal when drunk but may not exhibit the symptoms of being drunk. however, take the booze away and its a frightening sight.
  2. Cry for Help... Bad Adderall Withdrawals

    had a dr visit the other day for a med check. (another issue with adderal). i discussed quitting some of my meds, particularly adderal. she said that since there were no serious withdrawal symptoms, it wasn't necessary to wean yourself off. i just gave her a look like, "huh"? then i described the last time i ran out. "well, you could be right but the first day i was without, i wanted to die. after that, it got progressively worse."
  3. i dont know if anyone is experiencing this but adderall just doesn't provide the thrills it once did. i realize that with any drug there is a certain amount of tolerance involved after a period of time. i've been taking the drug for over 8 years. i'm taking 80 mg's daily. this is the maximum allowable dosage, i believe. when i wake up i take 2 20 mg tabs. after 30 mins or so, i usually feel a slight pick-up. that's it. i take another tab about 3 hrs. later, which has the same effect. i take the last tab 3 hrs after that. i don't have the crash because i never get that "up". the thing is, if i don't take it, i never get out of bed.
  4. Cry for Help... Bad Adderall Withdrawals

    i've taken emergen-c but not for quitting adderall. the stuff is fairly expensive isn't it? like about 9 bucks for a box of 10?
  5. Cry for Help... Bad Adderall Withdrawals

    like a lot of forums, people tend to tell their story and not respond to others. maybe once you see the light at the end, everything, including sufferers, is put behind you?