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  1. 3 days without it

    I always wanted to quit but it never seemed like the right time.. Like oh maybe ill quit when i lose 5 more pounds, or maybe ill quit after i get a new job, etc etc. Always an excuse id give myself. But then i started really researching about adderall and how it works with the dopamine in our brains and my aunt has parkinsons and one day i was just like F*CK this could me !!! I wish I could say seeing my aunt deteriorate over the yrs would of made me stop cold turkey but even knowing I could end up with this disease, I could never get myself to just stop completely. I also have depression so everytime I go off adderall it comes back sooo much worse. Im trying though. I dont wanna be hooked on this forever.
  2. 3 days without it

    Heres my story: condensed... been taking adderall on and off for the past 9 yrs. Over the first 4 yrs it was only occasionally, maybe once or twice a month to party with an ex boyfriend. For the past 3 yrs ive taken phentermine on/off that i get from shady diet clinics(im not overweight). But for the last yr, a friend of mine has been prescribed adderall which ive been buying and taking. And before i knew it, it spiraled out of control. Before I could take pills here and there, but the past few months it got to where I took one just to wake up, and then a few thru the day, and than xanax to ease the come down and to sleep. Its a vicious cycle. Im on my third day cold turkey which i know isnt a big step, but i still have about 20 (30 mgs) in my room and even a few on me right now and I ALMOST took one today at work when I was feeling extrmemly miserable but i resisted. Side effects from coming off the pills so far are: tiredness, depression, excessive hunger. BUT, the tiredness comes and goes, (ive exercised every night this week which i never really did when i took adderall), and the tiredness comes in waves but its nothing to bad. I am tryin to control the eating but i find i crave carbs and sweets badly. But if i put on a few pounds hopefully my new found love for running will burn off the calories. To everyone here trying to get off adderall or any other stimulants, stay strong!!