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  1. Hi all, I am having a very hard time finding anyone who can relate to my situation. Everyone says adderall has a 'paradoxical effect' in add and can't act as a stimulent. i find it treats my add at low doses but my energy goes up at higher doses which has led to abuse. i pretty much have to stop but after i stop for a few weeks i loose the feeling of lethargy but my mind won't stop. No one else seems to have this, only the lethragy. i can take not having an 'upper' but the add is terribly difficult to deal with. much worse. i am a recovering alcoholic and once my concentration goes i'm strongly tempted to drink to calm down my brain and i never want to go back to that. so here are my questions: 1)anyone else find adderall working on attention low dose but abusive at high dose? 2)has anyone tried or does anyone know about effective non stimulant drugs for add. i stress effective. i have heard strattera is the main one but two psychiatrists have said it really doesn't help much. i've tried wellbutrin but couldn't take side effects. any other drugs i don't know about. Everyone seems to think i faked add to get some adderall. i did not.
  2. quit-once, i'm very glad you asked if i have a long term plan for quitting. The answer is both yes and no. i know that withdrawl is by definition time limited, but i keep slipping into the catastrophic mindset after a few weeks off that i'll feel this bad forever. Then I go back. I would like to try weaning off again more slowly this time. I did that once awhile ago and when i got to 0 it wasn't actually such a big deal. I ended up starting up again for the dumbass reason that I wanted to get more done. This time around I am looking for a job and if i don't settle down with this stuff it's inevitable when i get a job i'll end up loosing it if i run out. so now my number one motivator to taper off for good is to be employable. let's hope it works. in the long run i think any long term desire to restart can be handled by acupuncture. i have decided it's worth the money. plus it increases energy anyway. i also am working hard at teaching myself i'm not owed pillls to enhance my performance. by the way i stopped for two weeks and took add yes and today. tommorow i'm going to see if i can build up some will power and go without.
  3. Perfectionist, Although my health problem(s) are not as serious as yours and are not undiagnosed, I wanted to let you know there is someone alse out there dealing with treating illness while also dealing with adderalll. In my case I have been diagnosed with extremely low testosterone levels, which has as some symptoms very low energy and little muscle strength/development. For obvious reasons this is a disastrous combination. I will soon be getting testosterone supplementation but of course how well can I tell if it's working if withdrawl is in the way. I also hate the very real possibility that I may have developed a habit of abuse because i was unknowingly self medicating for low t. By the way, I am surprised you're MD is working with you on cutting down. I have head any hint of abuse and they just plain stop prescribing it. I would like to wean off but am afraid to talk to my psychiatrist about it for this reason. As far as weaning off, I've tried it myself and it is much less debilitating than just stopping. The problem is you have to be very strict about steadily reducing the dose. In my experience even a day or two of reupping the dose puts me right back at the same level of dependency. Quitting cold turkey frankly sucks but could be easier in it's own way, kind of like ripping the band aid right off. The big thing is you will have days or more likely weeks to a month where you'll be hardly able to stand up if your like me. If you can stick through that some of your own natural energy starts to return. I just did this and after two weeks can get up and do miinimal activity. Personally though I'm hoping it doesn't stay so low for the months it will take for testosterone to work and prating testosterone does work. I am also interested to see you take it for add. the standard drill from the medical profession is that people with add don't abuse stimulants. That may be how it's supposed to work but I had a 3 hr neuropsych workup diagnosing me with add and when i started taking adderall it changed my life - finally stopped my brain from buzzing. After a year or so I discovered taking a little more gave me energy. now when i talk to anyone about quitting they can't seem to buy that it affects my attention but still can be an upper. thus when i talk about how horrible it is to go off it and have my head racing while my body feels like lead people act like i'm talking another language, including other abusers. i'd be interested to hear you're experience. Two more things: There is a website that I use for alcoholism but it's also for drugs. They have all kinds of help and I think you'd really benefit from taking a look. Finally, I can't afford this now myself but it is a little known fact that acupuncture is exceptionally effective for drug withdrawl and for overall health for that matter. most people think it's for pain conditions but if you go for a month or so you'll be amazed at how much chanes physically and emotionally. Eric Clapton said acupuncture is the only way he could kick heroin. Let me know please if you try it. Years ago I had chronic fatigue syndrome and the doctor said there was no treatment. Three months of acupuncture and I was back to normal. Actually, after reading all the other posts let me chime in and say joint pain as been a problem for me and I think it's the adderall. Anyway I am very glad you are at least under medical care. Good luck. Mike
  4. help unlooked for

    someone sent me an email about this site and i am so grateful to find out about it. i am on my last dose from my prescription soon and can't get anymore for two weeks so i will be forced into withdrawl wether i like it or not. i'd like to write more but i'm a mess.