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  1. That was tough... I did quit... for awhile

    I too went through many relapses before I finally quit. I don't think I ever made it more than 2 days without a relapse. When I did finally quit, it wasn't really by my choice. It was discovered that I was taking the Dr I work for pre signed prescription pads and writing out scripts to myself. I was fired, prosecuted, and went through my own personal hell. The withdrawl from cold turkey was pure HELL!! I went from 200-300mg per day to 0. Not only did I have to deal with the withdrawl, I also had to go through the darkest time of my life WITHOUT Adderal. It seemed impossible and at times I wanted to give up and even contemplated suicide. But you know what, I made it! July 30 will be 2 years FREE!! The point of my story is, I made it!!! Yes it was NOT easy and I too have severe ADHD and that came back even more severe than before. It seemed like I went my whole life with ADHD and I had managed it without meds for 30 some years, when I did get on meds, abuse them and then was without them, I had no idea anymore how to manage my symptoms. But here I am, almost 2 years later, I made it!! I have my life back!!!!! Best of all, I have myself back. You CAN do it!!! It may seem impossible but believe me, it can be done. Even in the worst situation. Best of luck to you
  2. 200-300mg, used for 2 years. July 30th will be 2 years clean. It probably took 4-6 months to begin to feel normal, but with the legal issues I was facing, I went into a deep depression, so I'm not sure how long the actual withdrawal effects were or just situational.
  3. Top Ten Reasons for Quitting Adderall

    10. Lack of emotion 9. Love sleeping now. 8. Started to have health problems. 7. Became a vicious rage monster (which seem to be the ONLY emotion I ever felt) 6. I too have useless things I bought while on Adderall( I was very obsessed with sales. I would seem to buy anything as long as it was on sale) 5. I love not feeling like I have to be sneaky and deceitful. 4. I got arrested 3. Became a felon (2 felonies actually) 2. No more severe and illogical OCD. 1. Freedom to be myself and embrace my wonderful GIFT of ADHD:)
  4. Question for those who have been sober over a year

    I used for at least 2 years.
  5. Question for those who have been sober over a year

    I've been clean for almost 19 months. Everyday gets better but there are still bad days. I don't consider myself fully recovered because I still struggle. I too was a very heavy user. I even lost my 14 year career and became a convicted felon due to my actions to feed my addiction. I know in my experience though, the longer I am clean, the better I feel. Congratulations on nearing the one year mark. It is a tough battle. I had many relapses before I fina started my 19 month clean.
  6. Finally ready

    I havent posted in awhile but Im proud to say Ive been Adderall free for 485 days. As some of you might know, I worked in the medical field for 14 years. I ruined my career to feed my Adderall addiction. As a result of my actions, I am also now a convicted felon. I know that my case is the extreme but I hope that even just one person can be saved from Adderall by hearing how destructive addiction can be. I am finally ready to start talking about it. Please if anyone needs someone to talk to, Im here. Lisa
  7. it might be too late for me.

    I was on 300mg per day for 2 years. It's not too late. I wish I would've quit sooner but I have been clean for awhile now and the health problems that I experienced while on Adderall have diminished and some have completely gone away. Best of luck to you. I never thought I would make it and I've been completely clean for almost a year now.
  8. Questionable Results

    I don't think they have studied these medications long enough or on use in adult ADHD. A doctor told me once that I was" one of the most severe cases of ADHD seen in a girl." , and yet I have abused and misused Adderall more than a lot of people. I dislike the claims people make that "if you truly have ADHD, you won't become addicted to it." That's bull! I'm proof of that.
  9. Adderall addiction not taken seriously

    I spent over two years high on Adderall from morning to night. I was always in an "Adderall" state of mind. I know heroin, meth, and other addicts you were not on their drug of choice as much as I was on Adderall, but yet they are considered more of an addict that me. Being an Adderall addict has ruined major aspects of my life. I wish there was more awareness about it.
  10. I've noticed since quitting Adderall, it seems that Adderall addiction is not taken that seriously. There is not much on the internet about it, no Facebook group or pages, and when I tell people about my addiction, they seem to have the same reaction. You know, the one where they look at you like "Adderall? Really? Is that it? That's not that bad." I think my goal after I rebuild my life will be to bring more awareness and seriousness to Adderall addiction.
  11. As 2013 comes to a close, I say goodbye and look forward to 2014. I'm still adderall free and that is one of the few pluses of the year. I am going to start the new year out with a more positive attitude, a new outlook on life, and a new hope. I wish everyone the best for the new year.
  12. What can Adderall do for you? RUIN YOU!

    I want to share my whole story, but for legal reasons I can't at this time. I hope to someday share everything in hopes that I can help others.
  13. What can Adderall do for you? RUIN YOU!

    I want to share my whole story, but for legal reasons I can't at this time. I hope to someday share everything in hopes that I can help others.
  14. I haven't been on here in awhile but I am still clean. I am dealing with the aftermath of my Adderall addiction. I lost my career of 14 years, I am facing 4 felony charges, my life has forever changed and will never be the same. Why? Because I was too stupid to quit Adderall before it got to the point of no return. For those of you who are pondering quitting, JUST DO IT!! I am going through the worst hell of my life OFF of Adderall!!! Do it now before it sucks the life out of you!!!! Do it now before you have to not only go through withdraw, but go through withdraw AND have your life fall apart at the same time!! Just please do it before you end up like me, losing everything and starting from the ground up!
  15. Still clean

    I think it's been about 6 months but I don't remember the exact date that I quit.