I am the happiest I have been in years

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It's been almost 4 months since I've been off of adderall. I never thought it was possible to be where I am today. The happiness that I experience on a daily basis is overwhelming. I'm finally in touch with reality again. I'm able to live my life for me, and not for a pill. 


For those who think that adderall is a "miracle pill", you're wrong. Yes, it helps keep you awake and "alert", but its not the only option to helping you deal with ADHD. Since going off of adderall, I've been prescribed Strattera-which is a non-stimulant ADHD medicine. I've continued to get 100's on every one of my biology exams in college. Adderall is not your only option. I thought it was the only way I could succeed, but its not true.


I basically just wanted to write this post to say that 4 months ago I was in a very deep depression. I was dependent on adderall. I spent hundreds of dollars on getting more adderall after my prescription ran out. I lived for my next pill. I took it any time I needed a fix. I couldn't imagine ever EVER EVER being off of adderall. I couldn't imagine a life without it. I also forgot what true happiness was. I forgot what it felt like to laugh until tears streamed down your face.


4 months later, I cant even imagine a life WITH adderall. I'd be lying to say there hasnt been temptations, but every day I get through is another day without it. I've been genuinely happy these past few months and I've had countless moments where I have laughed so hard that I cried.


Don't let this drug ruin your life. You think that you can't get off of it, but you can. I was addicted for 5 years and quitting adderall was the best decision I have ever made in my life.


Please contact me if you need any help or advice. I'm here for anybody that needs the help. 

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it's so great you feel better and Are doing so well after only 4 months. May i ask what ur usual daily dosage was? And throughout ur recovery did u lean on any other meds to recover? Drugs in general...weed, anti depressants, anti anxiety, etc. (Not including the straterra).

I am 2 and a half months in, but i have not experienced any sort of true hPpiness or true laughter. I have an apt with dr tomorrow for straterra.

I know everyone is different, im just wondering ur steps to ur successful recovery.my first time quitting i felt thise feelings day to day, but i never made it to 4 months, so i dont know if it is because i have never made it that far or if it has to do with my relapsing a few t8mes throughout this past year.

Please share more of ur story, its great to hear about other peoples happiness off addy when all u want at the moment is to take one. Thanks :)

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Hey Ally,


Good for you for being 2 and a half months clean, that's awesome and you can do it... If we can, you can!!!

I am around 115 days clean right now. I quit Dec. 28th 2013. I was on Adderall 30mg slow release, 10mg fast release for 5 years, I definitely abused and would take/buy more than what I got from my doctor and the last 2 years I was on 30-50mg of Vynasse. So I was on, I mean addicted to AHDH meds for the last 7 years of my life. A lot of the time I would take double or 3x the amount I was supposed to take, to pull all nighters while drinking Jose...

I got put on Zoloft in Oct. from 12.5-75mg and quit that slowly on Thursday because of the weight gain, blurred vision, hunger, it slows down your metabolism, made me more lazy and sleepy etc. But don't get me wrong, at first it worked wonders but the depression got so bad I knew I had to quit the ADHD meds FOR GOOD to truly be happy again. And heal.

I want to be clean of EVERYTHING and live a carefree, happy life!

Recovery is definitely a journey within itself but it's such a learning and growing experience and it makes us that much stronger. I think eating really healthy and as clean as possible -- lots of fruits, veggies, plant-based, whole grains, superfoods, etc. (try not to eat a lot of processed foods) and drinking a shit load of water and green tea with exercise like walking, jogging, hot yoga, getting enough sleep and mediation are the right tools for a quicker or more painless recovery! I also take supplements/vitamins. I've also been drinking way less than I did while on Adderall as well.

Take it easy and one day at a time and make yourself daily goals of things to do/get done so you don't seem so overwhelmed by bigger goals/the long term picture. But different things work for different people, I just wanted to share with you what has been working for me!

Besides today, which I'm dealing with the withdrawal systems of stopping the Zoloft, I have felt pretty damn good. The only real issues I have had is being so sleepy and lazy and it's been impossible to lose weight on Zoloft.

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Was it u who mentioned u take straterra SweetCarolina?

And tanks for sharing, i feel to lazy to even want to do that or be healthy, i cared so much more about my health on adderall.

I just cant seem to want to do the right things right now. Were u like that since the beginning of ur recove4y?

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