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My Vigilence Post

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Hi Greg and Everyone,

I have really enjoyed reading this thread. Each person who posted is so easy to relate with.... I could hug you all.


That being said, Greg, if your mental health is not good due to this job, what if you left it?


There is no shame in quitting a job that stacks obstacles against you, has poor training, has you feeling like you need adderall, because you do not need it. Please, do not sacrifice your mental health for a stupid job.

There is something else you will thrive at, others will suck at, and the world goes round.


Fuck. Give yourself a break and work at a coffeeshop and network. Proclaim you are on "hiatus" and you don't look like a ___ year old loser, you look like a person who works so hard they need a job vacation. I met the most awesome person who did the same thing. Now, they make 6 figures, but that doesn't mean anything. They saw they needed a break (they did quit their job) and are better off now.

Yes, try to overcome the obstacle and be okay with really, really sucking. But quitting is also an option, too. Do not get back on adderall. There are better things in place for you. 

You will see :)

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Hey Everyone,


Thank you so much for this thread.


My confidence is still shaky and for better or worse, partly affected by job performance. There's very little room at work for me to act or come off indecisive. "Fake it til you make it" has worked well enough to this point.


Still struggling with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistency in general. Surprise surprise! Procrastination and impulsivity...


Started working with my old therapist about a month ago, however, and we're making strides toward building in some successful routines and outsourcing things I'm just not good at.


When I put things in perspective (often with the help of people I trust), I still have trouble believing how amazing my life is today compared to 2.5 years ago. I've seen other people who abused to a lesser extent than I did wind up dead or permanently impaired. What a gift to have another shot at life. It's still that case that just beyond the point where I start to feel hopeless and like I can't go on anymore, massive growth is just around the corner. Never give up.


You guys are the best. Furreal.




P.S. FUCK Excel

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Just an update...I am in the trailer for the new Melissa McCarthy movie.  They changed the name to "The Boss".  I am so glad I made it in the scene!  Can't wait to see the movie.

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