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  1. I hope this gets better soon...

    I actually have ADHD and the quit was terrible. I think that each person is different...but, I find it hard to believe that she is having no issues at all. Maybe she is the lucky one, I sure hope so.
  2. 12 Miles a Week Runners Club - NEW

    I am going to get back on track today...although I am still feeling under the weather, I have to get back on the exercise wagon.
  3. One Word Status Update

  4. 12 Miles a Week Runners Club - NEW

    My cold has me knocking on death's door...I have not worked out since Monday. I am really going to try to get a workout in tonight. I am really struggling.
  5. Colds are the worst without adderall

    I am still junk today...God help me.
  6. Adderall cost me my job

    Great job! I am super proud of you for telling him the truth, and I am glad that he is hanging around. I knew he would...
  7. One Word Status Update

    Sick. And I don't mean good "sick". I mean sore throat, sniffles, cough, and congestion sick.
  8. Adderall cost me my job

    I found that telling everyone I know, I even posted my quit story on facebook, helped me to have external accountability. It also helped a friend of mine decide to not start taking Adderall after she read my post. Tell him. He knows something is up, and will probably be relieved to know the truth. Welcome!
  9. I am feeling like death this morning. A special thanks to my husband and daughter for sharing this cold with me. I remember being able to work through anything with my Adderall. Colds are just terrible without some speed to get you through. Oh well, Dayquil and coffee...let's get this day started!!
  10. 12 Miles a Week Runners Club - NEW

    Starting week 3 of the 21 day fix tonight! OMG, I forgot that I even had obliques, but there they are~!!
  11. get a job fatso

    I fully endorse cutting out carbs. No sugar, no wheat, no grains...and you have to MAKE yourself get up and move. It is really hard when you are overweight to get motivated to do anything. Cut out carbs for a few weeks and you will see the weight start to come off. Then, add some exercise. You can do this! I thought of you a couple of weeks ago because we share a love for orange tabby cats. Our 18 year old orange tabby, Mr. Beans, took the final stroll into the woods and has not been seen since. I feel a hole in my life that I never imagined the lack of a cat could cause. Even the new puppy hasn't helped with the loss... Sorry, I know that doesn't address your issues, but I want you to know that we all have our issues which we are working through. It can be done and you can do it!!
  12. I just drank the first cup of coffee, ever, in my life

    You know I don't eat carbs, so I am having issues with coffee being nasty. No sugar equals gross. I tried it black for one day (read: one cup) and then started having it with 1 tablespoon of butter and some heavy whipping cream. it isn't so bad once you get used to the no sugar thing. I also like a flavored coffee, like caramel or something like that. Not with sugar, just flavored beans. There are pills with caffeine in them...if you can't stand the taste of coffee.
  13. Eggs, butter, and some bacon. You can't go wrong!
  14. One Word Status Update

  15. One Word Status Update