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  1. Day 65 Severe Depression Kicks In

    Don't know if I'm even allowed to respond since my quit date is March 27th. HOWEVER, one thing I learned when I stopped using anti-depressants, anti-anxiety and Ambien...Is you are not your thoughts. I don't know if this even makes sense, but I always thought this constant crazy thought stream in my head was wrong, bad, sick, and that it was me, until I read a little book The Untethered Soul. I realized All those thoughts are not me! And I don't need a therapist or drugs to make it stop. It will never stop. You just train yourself to distance your real self from those negative thoughts instead of believing them. REMIND ME OF THIS MARCH 28th!! Unreal job to be at 65 days THAT IS HUGE!
  2. Uhhh WOW thank you all! I had NO idea others did the same stuff I've started "noticing" that I'm feeling bad about doing...using up rx before time for refill, planning ANY social commitments only if have full 40+mg dose, and canceling out any for last part of month when I'm out of rx. I've been blaming all of it on hormones. I've 180'ed my eating habits the past November and I am doing another reset detox, no sugars, carbs 3 weeks and forced myself to look at anything else that might be causing me to feel bad, age much worse than peers, and weird things like hot all the time but cold hands and feet led me to think adrenal stuff. Kills me because I was a pharmaceutical rep for years and got out b/c loved the $, but hated what I did and was supposed to promote, and took myself off all the crap doctors had put me on, and was diagnosed ADD and thought Adderall was the answer, no side effects (so I thought) or at least I could go without it and not want to kill myself or someone else! 15 years later here I am just starting to admit that its time to look at this stuff seriously. I feel even worse because back then I told my sister how great this stuff is, she's been on it for at least 10 yrs. Seriously, Thank you all, I've never thought I'd be thinking about doing this a week ago. But I can't not ....
  3. This is the first day I have admitted I want to stop taking Adderall. I wouldn't be able to read this site, much less post without the 10mg I took this am. I have a prescription for 40mg for last 6 months, been on 20-30mg for 15+ years. It didn't feel like it became an issue until last 2-3 yrs with continued unresolved health issues. I've tried to address everything else that could be wrong, NEVER willing to look at Adderall or even let it be considered. I just never thought other people also had a problem even doing the basics without Adderall. When I run out which is every time, I can't won't even answer the phone and severely isolate. Thank God I have a huge dog that has to be walked, so I'm getting 2-3 miles a day. I petrified to tell my husband I am considering getting off this stuff for fear he'll hold me to it or be disappointed if I don't. Fortunately I have zero responsibilities (excluding the DOG!) and no excuses not to stop. I have started addressing nutritional health to combat hormonal issues, so I'm hoping this will help....I'm guessing we'll see.