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  1. I recall in 2014 Chris got banned from the playoffs due to failing a drug test which found he was using adderall. Of course he claimed it was a medical needs for his ADHD and year after he got a doctors note and could take them in MLB. Well he did good when he started going back on them got a huge multi million dollar contract. But then started playing bad again. Looks like his time of the golden days have past and he’s not getting that focus needed from his drugs. Anyways like all of us this shit stops working at some point. Of course sports news won’t connect the two but not hard for any of us on here to see what is going on. Side note been been doing much better myself sort of staying off the main forms for awhile just want to focus on moving forward. I think reading all the stories of agony sort of bring me back to a bad place. My crazy ass is still here though for anyone just message me if you feel the need.
  2. Podcast, nazi and methamphetamines

    Yes great way to put it Drew! For sure listen to that podcast if you get a chance like everything to do with the Nazi party the total hypocrisy of how they sent drug abusers of cocaine to death camps yet fed everyone speed is ridiculous. The speed was made in a lab by a doctor so it was considered safe and good for the people. But it’s really not much different then today in our society you can abuse the fuck out of prescription amphetamines but long as you have a perscription no problem. You go buy cocaine get busted with that you can get thrown in prison and it can easily destroy your life if not end it in prison life. The way we treat illegal drug abusers is a crime against humanity and the way we allow prescription drug abuse not much better. What’s even worse is the war on poor minority drug abusers. If you have money you can get away with getting busted with some cocaine. Your black poor live in the city have one crack rock your looking at a couple years easily. I’m not defending all drug abusers but the system is set up to make repeat offenders plain and simple you have a felony drug charge good luck finding a job. It’s too bad the powers that be in the media have us all occupied with fighting each other over bs politics instead of people seeing the big picture of wtf is really going on. Nazi owned the media it seems now Republicans own half Democrat’s the other this is not good we are not being told the truth on either side thank God for podcast.
  3. Stuff you should know is the name of the podcast episode “We’re nazis drug fueled crankheads?” I’ve always been fascinated learning about the Nazi party and the use of these drugs. For the record I’m not a pro Nazi just interested in how basically the entire nation went into madness overdrive then crashed hard like anyone using speed. If your bored check it out the only thing I was thinking listing is just maybe they would question the large amount of Americans now using legal prescription speed and what repercussions might we face?
  4. I did ateened NA do think it’s good for any of us. But the part that is so unique with are addiction is the ridiculous amount of recovery it takes to be a productive person again. It’s like you quit most hard drugs and after a couple months things get better your more productive at work have more ambition etc. For us it’s just the opposite and most often you will have people saying maybe you should get back on it because you could lose your job or whatever. It’s tough would not wish this burden upon anybody.
  5. I’ve been to a counselor she was good yet when it comes to long term effects on this stimulant she was totally in the dark as I’m sure 99% of counselors are.
  6. I use this site also don’t be shy to contact someone directly on here with a personal message. Nobody understands what we are going through NA helps but honestly they are way behind dealing with this soon to come epidemic. The generation adderall is getting older soon they will all want to stop and absolutely nobody is prepared to deal with this. Quitting opioids does not have shit on this I know because I was addicted to them both.
  7. New day, same results.

    Just update have been feeling better last couple days do think the Wellbutrin has started to kick in and is helping now. Ideally I would not be on any medication but at least knowing this is a med I can get off of easily helps. Although this drug has few side effects will say I do get light headed easily recall last time I was on it this happened.
  8. New day, same results.

    Yeah it’s been a thought only problem is hiring someone who can be reliable is not cheap and you’d have to guarantee certain amount of hours so actually makes more work hustling to get more jobs. In the summer I do normally hire a helping hand but only thing they can do is carry tools help move heavy things. I’ve been keeping off looking at a long term plan but hitting 40 this year made me realize shit I’m getting old can’t do this forever and I have no retirement plan and not enough capital to sell my buisness for much at all. I could still possibly go to work for a union and have some retirement but I know I’d work all the time and prob hate my life.
  9. New day, same results.

    Yeah pot just makes me lazy but also gives me anxiety paranoid especially shit these days it’s like everyone has to smoke the most powerful shit on the planet. Noticed even Joe Rogan lately has concerns with how powerful weed is getting these days. I use CBD oil sometimes for depression it helps some but it’s expensive and you build a tolerance quickly.
  10. New day, same results.

    I wouldn’t say I have unrealistic expectations but I do hold myself to certain standards and know my efforts have been overall very poor. I think many people who took this were like me had high motavtions before adderall and simply used it to amplify what was already available. To go from that high of pure nonstop work ethic to being like a lazy teenager who just has no ambition in life is a hard pill to swallow. I don’t want to be a slave to a pill again on edge all the time have a skyrocket heart rate. But I do want the ability to focus more, have more ambition to build my buisness further and look at other possibilities like investments properties etc. I guess to a normal person I’m doing fine paying all my current bills staying in very good physical shape. But to me that’s not enough always wanted more guess I just need to hope with more time I can still gain momentum to get more done in life. FYI if your husband ever does open up to you about wanting to possibly use again do not come at him like you did me it could backfire.
  11. New day, same results.

    Actually been doing boxing and teaching kids also. My son is also learning karate and jiu jitsu I’ve talked to his teacher about learning some myself awesome guy went to Japan to study martial arts was a ex cop who taught the force hand to hand combat. He also got to train with Royce Gracie guys legit knows his stuff. But yeah anyways I just see all these highly motivated successful people kicking life’s ass and I’m still just getting by, tired of getting by I want more and I’ve sat on the sidelines for a couple years. I know going back won’t make me better but what will just tired of myself not going for it.
  12. New day, same results.

    How I got hooked my kid was given it I took it got him off thought side effects way to harsh for kids but then went and got my own prescription it was love at first pill also. I recall immediately gutting my bathroom for a remodel that I was wanting to do but kept putting off. I stayed up for days working on it bathroom turned out great but yeah wasn’t worth getting hooked on the pills.
  13. New day, same results.

    No problem it is just a frustrating situation I obviously do not want to go back on but had to post my issues I’ve been keeping to myself for along time, mainly because I do not want to have newbies see my struggles so far out and make them think quitting is pointless. However until you’ve gone through what we have it’s hard to tell someone like myself say it’s just my age and normal. Definitely more to it than that I’m 40 not 60 i experienced adult life before adderall grant it much younger.
  14. New day, same results.

    You think I feel life everyday should be all fucking roses? I’ve never said that or thought that. Been off this shit for 3 years understand that completely. My current state of effort is not productive enough to secure a financial future for my children and definitely in no way going to provide me with a source of income for retirement. I have focused on recovery my body for the last couple years in hopes it would slowly start to reflect in a little more ambition work wise. It has not and I’m at a loss given you haven’t used yourself maybe you don’t have the right to give your smart ass opinion.
  15. New day, same results.

    What more can I do? I eat healthy, work out daily, volunteer to help kids in sports, drink very seldom yet I’m still very unenthusiastic about work which but actually sort of enjoy what I do. It’s been 3 damn years couple months and I don’t feel much has improved over the last 6 months. I just started Wellbutrin again about 2 weeks ago it’s doing very little. I just feel like going to the doctor and saying, “I give up, to be a productive worker again I’m going to have to use adderall.” I know everyone says going back is a mistake hell said it myself many times. But I just don’t know what to do I’ve given this recovery my absolute everything and it’s still a daily struggle and I can’t see anything changing at this point. Hope this does not make new people from wanting to stop I abused heavily for nearly a decade so guess paying the ultimate price which is never actually recovering. I got so mad at myself for just being fucking lazy slapped the fuck out of my face even had a bloody nose, instead of getting motivated to get my ass in gear to focus on work I laid down watched the price is right. For someone as in my physical shape I should not be this lazy unmotivated it’s not normal I can’t deal with this for much longer.