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  1. Imagine if Frodo never let go of the ring. (Well I think he tried to keep it but still that's not the point).
  2. One Word Status Update

    -burntout! (smushed em together to make them one word) edit: oh yeah and TGIF!!!!!!!
  3. New Administrators

    Here here!
  4. A very quick relapse. What am I in for?

    Agreed with other people above! Now you have a firm reminder why you quit. Focus on the future, and rest assured things will get better faster than last time, at least for the first couple weeks. You can bounce back from this! The fact that you are already being honest with yourself is a great sign! What's the plan to prevent this from happening again? Do you have any bridges (access to refills down the road) left unburnt? Burn them!
  5. Relapse in sight

    How about just one more day? Can you handle it for one more day? Try to keep yourself thinking in those terms. Because then tomorrow, you can ask yourself the same question. Can you take it for just one more day? Just focus on the next step which is getting through the day. You don't have to deal with the whole upcoming year right now. Just today. It sounds cheesy but I promise it helps! A few of those days go by and then you probably had at least one that was a sliver better than days past, and it will gradually get easier with time. This too shall pass. PS - I really miss the tickers in our signatures. It used to be so encouraging to watch it go up each day. :'(
  6. It's amazing what we let ourselves get away with and convince ourself is normal. I used to be like this too, then next time I took adderall I'd look back and rationalize it as "i was just tired, silly me for being so dramatic", only to find myself in that sad place again within 48 hours.
  7. Just exhausted.

    Also, if you eat more calories, you have more energy to move around more and burn some of those calories off. This leads to better health anyway.
  8. Just exhausted.

    I agree with sleepy, this seems like a bit much.... Don't get me wrong, if you can pull it off power to you! But if you ever get to the point where you feel that like something has to give, I'd first look at your caloric intake. Once you get clean from longer you can shit your focus to your weight. And this doesn't mean you can't eat healthy, but caloric deficit on top of recovery sounds (to me) like too much at once. Remember you aren't a superhero, and that's OK!
  9. My New Puppy

    beautiful! give her a belly rub for me!
  10. Dexedrine - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    agreed. I notice you conclude with the decision that a long break is needed. I promise you I've tried that. I took almost a year off (intending to quit), but in a day of weakness I decided that should be enough to reset myself, and go back to using responsibly like in the honeymoon phase. it won't happen. you'll go RIGHT back to your maximum level of abuse and probably start incrementally making it worse and worse as time goes on (which is precisely what I did). you are so young, it's such a good time to quit. (not take a break!) enjoy the positivity that comes from that! I recommend you take immediate steps to get your prescription cut off, while you're seeing things clearly. your doctor won't judge you. in fact from the stories I hear the problem is often the opposite. the doctors often tend to think addicts are just overreacting or dramatizing the problem.
  11. Adderrall "HIGH" after quitting

    runner's high definitely is just as good as adderall high, it doesn't last too long, and you definitely have to earn it though but no crash afterwards, it feels great even as its wearing off
  12. Day 4

    There will inevitably be moments where our resolve disappears, we change our mind (temporarily), and go looking for pills. It's important to burn bridges in advance and take away your access so that you're able to ride out those storms. Best wishes!
  13. AMAZING JOB!! 3 miles is not exactly a short run. Congrats. You must have felt so awesome after.
  14. Personally I always obtained my supply illegally so I've never spoken with a doctor about it, but from the sounds of it that is unfortunately all too common of a story.