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  1. Greetings my fellow friends in recovery, First of all I wanted to say how grateful I am for this site, no one I am very close to is battling with this same addiction and although they can try to love me through this, only you all know those productive feelings and sense of having life together that we miss so much. I am almost at a year and have lately been considering medication again to deal with the weight gain ( 5"5 female went from 120-140lbs this year) but I know that sticking to exercise and limiting carbs will be the healthier way to go in the long run. I wanted to share some things that have happened in the past year to keep your momentum going: when i was on vyvanse and adderall, I felt like I dated and met people of a lower vibration if that makes sense ( other addicts and people with varying addiction problems or unable to come to terms with their addictive behaviors). Although I'm much lazier and have days of total lethargy in this past year, I have come in contact with much brighter people on a healing path and have found community with people who do estatic dance, yoga, sound healing, cacao ceremonies, etc. I try to remember to live from my heart and not my head ( might sound a bit cheesy but I am a yoga instructor). Honestly, the spiritual community has helped me a lot because of how open they are and how much they want to become more themselves. Being around sober people helps as well. I will continue reading your stories thank you all so much for being there. I hope to make a yoga for addiction program once I finish this next teacher training. any other things that have really helped you in this time if you want to share, please feel free .. some days I just stay in and try to be patient with myself
  2. Some alternative techniques

    Thank you so much, I'm thinking of trying a kieto diet. I am very into healing work, going soon for my 500 hr teacher training in Yoga.. I'm glad to know someone else has found healing/energy work helpful in this. Reach out if you need sweetheart!
  3. 3 and 1/2 Years Adderall-Free

    Thank you for sharing! I'm almost at 1 year and because of you I'm starting to want to be more forgiving to myself for these lethargy stages..
  4. Brain Feeling Better! 14 months

    Hi dear, was lovely to hear your post. I am almost a year clean now as well.: and was wondering how much weight you gained? I gained about 20 lbs. 5'5 120 to 140.. although I know I do have quite a lot of muscle as I continued to teach yoga a lot after I quit.. thank you so much for your story.. if you ever want to check in and talk I'm totally here this site has been a blessing.. I was really tempted to go back on to meds until a I found these types of sites thank you for sharing your story!