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    First off, congrats on taking the first step toward sobriety. Recovery is a journey not a destination and it took me months of on again/off again use and tapering to finally be a month sober. Currently reading On Speed, which came highly recommended from this forum. It's amazing and eye opening into the history of stimulants and how pharmaceutical companies worked to market the drug with the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. I am still in the early stage of recovery but what I have learned from my personal struggle and through this forum is just how difficult it is to recover if you continue to refill your prescriptions. I thought I could just cut back and use it "as needed" but if you believe you have an addiction to it then it is next to impossible to do so. I know the feeling all too well of running out of my script 10 days early (or even 2-3 weeks early at my worst). It's a difficult and frightening leap to not refill but it is the only thing that has worked for me this far. I hope this was helpful! I am new to this community but have already found it extremely helpful and I'm sure you will too.