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  1. Helpful Podcasts/Books!

    I also believe, and I cannot find the thread - perhaps it was part of the purged thread - that we as a group had talked about the order of the books we reading be slightly altered in the case of a trilogy. Like with The Han Solo Trilogy - I believe we are skipping TEB novelization until after we read the last Han Solo book. With other trilogies in the future, we may or may not be doing that - not sure if that is a hard and fast rule, or Arnie is taking it in a case by case basis.
  2. I’ve been on adderall more than half my life....

    ..ok, Im about halfway through this with "Asunder" there will be 11 parts; as of today Ive posted 1-5. Sorry, I am pretty sure that it isnt what you had in mind. Im having fun writing it, although its deeper and darker than I thought it would be.
  3. Insulin Resistance

    Dont know if any of you heard about this yet, but they have announced the next animated show coming out in fall.... Star Wars Resistance.....