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  1. Helpful Podcasts/Books!

    I also believe, and I cannot find the thread - perhaps it was part of the purged thread - that we as a group had talked about the order of the books we reading be slightly altered in the case of a trilogy. Like with The Han Solo Trilogy - I believe we are skipping TEB novelization until after we read the last Han Solo book. With other trilogies in the future, we may or may not be doing that - not sure if that is a hard and fast rule, or Arnie is taking it in a case by case basis.
  2. I’ve been on adderall more than half my life....

    ..ok, Im about halfway through this with "Asunder" there will be 11 parts; as of today Ive posted 1-5. Sorry, I am pretty sure that it isnt what you had in mind. Im having fun writing it, although its deeper and darker than I thought it would be.