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  1. Had to Know, Now I know

    I found Beback17 post bordering on triggering me to remember my days on adderal when too I was happy and excited reviewing checklists and getting to understand outlook and all kinds of office work that i now find absolutelly boring and neuron consuming not worthy activities of my time. Now, Frank might have been a bit too harsh to throw away a word like bipolar around, but I found that it was protecting me from dreaming about that adderal productivity state. It is bipolar to go into such details about how adderal makes you productive, almost in a positive note, and then suddently just see the light and see it is wrong and bad for you. Anyhow, this is just my 2 cents. Reality is, recovery is tedious and anoying and slow, and it is also making me a bit pessimistic- realostic. But I ll take this pessimism any day over the sides effects I experienced towards the end of my use of adderal. Dry mouth, dry skin, dry soul, dry insides, dry everything blah blah... I dont even want to remember. Pessimism can be changed If I stop reading posts that glamorize life on adderal, and that s why I stand with Frank. Life is beautiful when body start to function normally again:)