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  1. Quarantine qualms

    Hello, I read your story and wanted to write you about my experience with weight loss and weight gain concerning my Adderall addiction. I’ve always struggled with my weight, and when I first started taking Adderall I lost a ton of weight without trying at all. Since then I also became the heaviest I had ever been. I gained upwards of 70 lbs over the past 7 years since I have been taking Adderall. I quit taking Adderall 2 months ago. I have been taking this one moment at a time and it is so scary. I don’t know where my appetite is because I’ve quit other things as well, like clonazepam which I had been on for 12 years. I am so scared. I was so disturbed by the weight I had gained and the body I found myself in when I quit I also started keeping a food diary and walking everyday. I walk because it eases the high anxiety and depression, but it also works my metabolism. Most of the time I can’t do much of anything requiring focus or concentration, so I really have to count calories. It’s slow but I am losing weight. I just joined this site today because I don’t know what is going on with me and I’m scared and feel totally alone. Thank you for writing your story.