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  1. So I'm almost 2 years sober and finally found something that helps with energy level-I recently did a 24 day challenge with Advocare- the first 10 days was a cleanse- I lost most of the weight gain I after quitting adderall and in turn found an energy drink - It is by no means a comparison for adderall, but it does help a bit and is healthier than red bull (and I've been searching for 2 years now).. It's called Advocare Spark (and also Advocare Slam)- Just thought I would share!
  2. Holy c*** that clip is really disturbing and pinpoints exactly how I felt 2 years ago.. Wow.. Thank you!!
  3. @sky- thanks for your post also- didn't see it until now.. I have tried all of the above.. charting calories on myfitnesspal.. working out.. I just waiver with sticking w/it and just wanted a quick fix temporarily.. I feel like if I had been more aware of the my weight gain prior to quitting, I would have been much better eating and exercising to avoid the gain.. I think my energy level is also a bit on the low side lately and probably due to working ft, running around w/3 girls, etc.. I think my metabolism probably changed when I turned 40 last June and I'm noticing the changes of that too .. Was just really hoping for a natural energy/weight loss supplement and toyed w/the idea of taking adderall temporarily and know that is not a good idea.... Thanks
  4. Thanks so much for the response.. You are right and I know in my heart that's what it's about.. I wouldn't even be able to get my hands on it if I tried, so that's the good thing.. I'm sorry you lost so much as a result of the Adderall beast and I truly hope you begin to regain all that you deserve - I know I lost a lot of my about 9 years (on and off) and also almost destroyed my marriage. I think back now to how different I became- yikes - That in itself should be enough to keep me from ever even thinking about relapsing. I'm a bit of a funk this week to begin with, hence why I have even given thought to taking adderall for a short time- funny because until I read your story above- I thought after being off the chance of becoming addicted would be less, knowing full well in my mind that this is not something that just goes away(addiction doesn't work like that) So thanks for reminding me! I just needed to hear it from someone else and your story did help me considerably! Thanks for putting things back into perspective and saving me from myself.. Off to take a run now and get some sun shine, perhaps this will help too! THANK YOU!!
  5. 2 months clean today!

    Awesome job!! It is a roller coaster, but gets easier in many ways.. I'm almost 2 years free in May and have done great.. The beginning was the hardest time for me.. I spent most of my time on this board being a lurker for the most part, but this place kept me sane knowing that all that I was feeling was "normal"
  6. It's been almost two years since I quit adderall and I'm just feeling like a chub lately- During my 9-10 year abuse- I was always on the thinner side- I think I actually started being thinner before taking adderall from simply chasing around 2 kids under the age of 2, but then Adderall helped to keep me feeling skinny at all times.. I'm about 5'5 and at my lowest weighed 115lbs- (which is actally a little to thin for my bone structure).. Right now I am at 132 and I keep jumping on and off the workout/eating healthy band wagon.. I can't seem to get any lower.. I think quitting adderall and my occasional smoking all at one made me gain about 10lbs (I was about 122lbs- 2 years ago).. If I knew before quitting I was going to gain weight so quickly I would have been much more careful).. I know it's not a lot in the grand scheme of things and I do feel a heck of a LOT better not being completely out of my mind.. I just don't feel good about my body and need a quick solution.. These last few pounds are making me consider (after 2 years of sobriety) Just taking Adderall for even a few weeks to get my weight back down.) nothing I have tried seems to be helping.. any suggestions?? thanks in advance!!