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  1. A Little Wisdom From You Guys Could Help

    Thanks guys. I've decided not to take it. Mainly because the ones I care about don't want me to. And because of the stories on this site. Seriously thanks guys. You helped a lot.
  2. A Little Wisdom From You Guys Could Help

    Cassie, I haven't made up my mind. Not yet. But most likely I won't ask to be prescribed Adderall when the time comes. Even though it has amazing and incredible short term effects it isn't very worth it for the long term. I might possible use it in the future again, like in university or SAT/ACT. But other than adderall, do you know any prescription drugs that could boost motivation? Motivation is something I could really use. Especially since i'm basically planning to travel across the country myself. And thank you for the reply.
  3. A Little Wisdom From You Guys Could Help

    Jon, I'm also thinking about only taking a dose once or twice a week, hoping to further be able to limit how much of the drug I use. And I don't plan on staying on the drug for a long time. I plan just to use it until the end of this summer. The reason behind that is that being in a long-distance relationship with a girl that has BPD and chronic depression adds so much stress on to life. I can't focus as much as I could. In addition to having an unstable family and being separated from both my father and the person i'd like to spend my life with. All these stressors lower my drive for success, causing my grades to drop. In turn, me seeing my grades drop makes my drive for success even lower. See the cycle? I know I probably sound ignorant and naive but try to see this from my point if view. And I just want to clarify that i'm absolutely sure that most people on this site have life far worse. Again, what i'm saying might be all over the place, i'm just exhausted but can't sleep.
  4. A Little Wisdom From You Guys Could Help

    Jon, I understand that that adderall is practicly speed. Just not as strong. And i've spent about a good 4 hours browsing this site, reading peoples' experiences. So I know that adderall can be very addictive. I know that, depending on how you control yourself, can also be dangerous. I know you guys really don't think it's worth it. And it might not be. I really appreciate you telling me this, and i'll take it into consideration. But I just want to read what other people have to say. Hopefully someone with a very similar experience could help me. But thanks, Jon. I really do appreciate it.
  5. Okay, Hi. Before I start this topic I know you guys have experience on this as you all have probably had some form if contact with the drug Adderall. I have barely any experience and i've only been researching for about a day. So in no way am I saying that I know more than you all. Because I don't. I also want to tell you guys about myself before I explain my issue. I'm a freshman in high school with a pretty good bit of knowledge on philosophy. Specifically epistemology if that helps any. I'm normally an A to B student, not a straight A, but my grades have been slowly decreasing ever since two years ago. I've moved around this earth as I grew up a military child and that's subject to change in less than 5 months. I've dealt with people that took a variety if drugs and drugs in general aren't very new to me. I'm very sure I have some form of depression. Likely chronic, not major, as i've felt like this for a long time. It's just been progressively getting worse. Enough of myself. I made this topic to ask you guys if taking a low-dose (10mg) of Adderall a day is something I should do. I was introduced to Adderall from a fellow classmate and she gave me three 10mg immediate release pills. I've heard about Adderall a good number of times in my life and I knew it wasn't a drug that was as dangerous as some other more well-known drugs. I took all three pills (12:00pm), which I do admit was very ignorant for a first-time dose. I didn't feel much until towards my second-to-last period (2:30pm), that's when it kicked in. I was failing that subject at the time and with the Adderal I got a 30 up to a 70 in a mere 45 minutes. I completed more than 5 assignments and finished up sone work from other classes. The feeling you get from that drug is so great. It had to be the best i've felt in a few years. It lifted me up from my stress and sadness and gave me a new perspective of life. It is 2:27am right now and I can't sleep because, of course, insomnia. I was curious to see if Adderall was a drug used to treat depression. It is. I've thought about talking to my therapist and doctor about getting it prescribed to me, because I think it would be more effective than just an antidepressant alone. I just want to know if you guys think it would actually be beneficial to take a low-dose of Adderall daily. So that's why i'm here. Also, if you think that I wouldn't be responsible with the drugs, I don't think you're right. I know myself to be very responsible about things like this. Then again i'm not saying there isn't a chance where I could abuse the drug. There could come a time where I would, but I only plan to take it in 10mg for a single day. And when I notice that the drug isn't lifting me up as much as it would when i'd first start, i'll slowly come off of it and them start back up again a few weeks later. (That is only a mere plan, it can easily be changed if I find it not logical). So guys sorry if I made errors in that, it's really late and my phone is dying so I didn't bother to revise. And i'd greatly appreciate if you guys could leave your opinions. Thanks.