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The +2 Year Mark No

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I've been browsing through the forums and noticed those that have been adderall free for 2,3 and even 4 yrs still experience lack of motivation.


That is because they go back to being their pre adderall self. I remember I had very little motivation and was depressed before I took the pill. You will never truly be magically 'motivated' as your adderall self.

This is where people make the mistake of believing they are still in withdrawal. They are back to base self and life will have ups and down.

They become more active and productive few months later because they were forced to function without adderall. Those tasks eventually become a habit. This is a result of training the brain, not relief from withdrawal symptom.

I'm 1 month free (used for 3 yrs) and I already feel like to base line. The way I used to be before adderall. I honestly don't think I will have much improvement in the future. 

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