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  1. In my experience, when Ive tried to go back to my reg dose, i wind up still searching for that high that i had before, and when i take it like I'm supposed to and don't find it, i take more whether i whole heartedly want to be normal again or not. Good luck buddy.
  2. Please help me, for I am a slave to this drug.

    That's so weird to me, to hear that from everyone. And I always have, so I guess I'm the weird one lol but I always QUIT smoking when I start taking them abusively. I don't even think ab a cigarette until I start to run out.
  3. Please help me, for I am a slave to this drug.

    Yes, our stories are very very similar. Maybe we can help each other through this mess.
  4. Hhhhh

    I meant ab a week** before I go to the doc every month.
  5. Hhhhh

    I know all those feelings well. Leaving the dr office with ur script, getting cold sweats just from the anxiety of knowing you're fixin to have it filled. And then getting to to the pharmacy just to hear that they have to order more, and feeling your heart drop. After feeling that so many times, you'll get to the point where every time your script is due for renewal, you get scared that they wont give it to you for some reason. That feeling starts ab a see before I go to the doc every month. So a week out of the month, I'm scared shitless, and paranoid that I won't get my meds. You may not feel it yet.. But it'll happen. Just sayin. And you're welcome. All I'm trying to do is save at least one more soul from winding up like mine.
  6. ANYBODY who is thinking ab putting their child on any kind of stimulant needs to quit "researching" if they're even doing that much, and start finding ppl that are experienced in the situation, so they can hear ab how you WILL ruin your childs life. Sorry I only answered one. I have a huge heart for children, and that one really "hit home"
  7. Hhhhh

    And whether you think you're abusing it ir not, if you're worried about it and you say you're addicted, you're abusing it. You talked ab how you would rationalize why to take it... That goes away, and not in a good way. It will get to the point where you know you don't even trust yourself anymore and you just do it BC you feel like there's no other option. End it while you still have a stable mind about it.
  8. Hhhhh

    Yes, I have many times taken that much of Adderall. And I was saying that I realize you haven't gotten thus far yet, so you need to quit NOW. that was my whole point. You WILL know what I'm talking about if you don't quit, and you don't want this experience. It only gets harder.
  9. Hhhhh

    I'm 25 years old and been taking Adderall since i was 8. I have not been successful in quitting, but if I had been smart enough to realize that I should after 7 or 8 months, it would have been a hell of a lit easier. It will only get worse. A LOT WORSE. trust me. If you want this to end... End it now. Procrastination is the addicted part of you speaking, and you have to avoid it. Or you will look back on this a couple years from now, taking 350mgs a day, with 3 dif doctors prescribing you meds until you get caught. You do NOT want to live in fear of when you will run out of amphetamines.
  10. My head wont quit twitching?

    I'm goin to my neurologist Thursday anyways. I'll ask them ab it for sure
  11. My head wont quit twitching?

    Just a few days
  12. When I lay down, I'm fine. I lay down and close my eyes... And my head/upper half of my body does this super intense twitching thing every 30 seconds or so. If I try to sleep through it, it gets worse and my whole body starts twitchin. I looked it up online and it said something ab myoclonic jerks, which is when you dream and u feel like you're falling when u wake up. This isn't what I'm talkin ab. I kept lookin and there's also myoclonic seizures which sounds a lot like what's goin on. Is it gonna go away ever? I feel like its gotta be some kind of withdrawal BC it never happens unless I quit takin Adderall. I just wanna sleep and I can't BC I wake up in "shocks" it feels like. Its like my whole body is hiccuping or something except mostly in my head. I sound crazy probably, but damn, this shit gets old real fast. If anyone knows how to prevent it PLEASE let me know.

    I'm on day 2 or 3. And I mostly can't get over how much I just want to WANT to do something. Do I sound crazy or what?
  14. I can't do much of anything.
  15. Netflix Ideas?

    Bloodline ive actually started watching before and forgot ab so I'm glad you reminded me haven't heard of the other but ill check it out. I love once upon a time also, and Dexter. Thanks yall for the ideas and encouragement.