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    Hi there! Good for you for sticking through it, withdrawal is the worst but it’s not impossible. I’m in LA, have been free from Adderall for almost a year. Feel free to message me

    I'm in LA, message me
  3. Vancouver, BC meet up/support

    i am with you here. i too feel like adderall recovery is specific, for me this is because adderal was prescribed as a solution for adhd. without it i'm left with the same issues as before and an unreal inability to motivate. by that i mean i don't have the desire to do anything. it's like part of my brain has been shut off. i too ascribe to the spiritual solution, but sometimes this pales in comparison to my day to day reality. if i were reading this i know what would make sense to say. to just do it. to get up, show up, work. it's a decision so make it, and it's not rocket science right? but it feels like it sometimes. what i need are actual solutions. like a to do list of solutions. actions i can take. thoughts appreciated.