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    "Long time listener first time caller" Hello everyone I am new to the site and wanted to introduce myself as I join you on the road of recovery. I am 110 days sober and doing everything I can to get better. I struggle with anhedonia and major depression upon stopping the adderall. I was taking it as prescribed for 4-5 years 30-50 mg tablets most recently. In college I used to for depression and loved it. I loved how focused it made me to enjoy what I was reading and participating in. I was so engaged! I have always loved pulling an all nighter and really loving the feeling of functioning the next day with no sleep. Taking my proper dose after every say 4 hours. My doctor says this was abusing the drug but I argue that I was taking the dose in the appropriate time intervals just not sleeping! What brought me to my knees was adding Prozac and Wellbutrin and pot in the mix and I got manic in April and was walking around NYC for a few days on end. Went to treatment and am home now. I make phone calls for a living to cross sell financial products to individuals and need to have somewhat of an attractive personally to be successful. I have no personality!!!! I've always been a little socially awkward but now is really bad! Will the depression and anxiety lift? I was put on Wellbutrin and strattera about 6 weeks ago and see little effect so far. This is kinda jumbled but I wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know that I read all the new content everyday for support. Peace.