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  1. Modafinil / provigil

    I didn't make any suggestion, implicitly or explicitly. I just wanted to share a story that is counter to everything else in this thread. I was prescribed nuvigil to help me stop taking amphetamines, used the medication responsibly and had positive results. thats the kind of thing this forum was created to share.
  2. Modafinil / provigil

    Its a stimulant, but not in the way adderall and vyvanse are - no denying that. I guess agree to disagree.
  3. Modafinil / provigil

    This is old, but just wanted to share that I’ve been on nuvigil for the past month while.l quitting vyvanse cold turkey. Quitting ALOT of vyvanse cold turkey. it’s been great for me - I don’t have cravings to take more than prescribed like I did with vyvanse, and feel like it has made the past month+ a little less miserable. Initially I was taking 250mg, but that made my anxiety go crazy so I’ve gone down to 125 and am in the perfect range. Just wanted to share my positive experience.
  4. I tried......

    It’s only been a month+, so I’m not going to say I have kicked my vyvanse addiction yet. But after abusing the drug for 2 of the three years I took it, each month telling myself I’d quit, it took opening up to my wife 1000% about what I did. She was what made my final try to get off stick - she got me through not seeing my doctor for another script. I also started to see my therapist again, and opened up to a family member who is a psychiatrist. They have been a godsend. living in the moment helps - just taking it one day at a time. I’ve had to learn to be okay with laying around all day, and hope that you are able to accept it’s just part of the process.
  5. I’m not one to feel bad about taking anxiety/depression meds. The newer drug classes coming out over the past 15 years are generally safe, and I couldn’t imagine going through the past month without any.
  6. Tempted to give this a try, the science looks good. I’m just worried I’m chasing a remedy for my anxiety that doesn’t exist.