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  1. Appreciate this post. I have been clean (from adderrall and any other stimulants) for just 18 days now... Today marks a really tough day for me and this post has really helped me turn around... Wrote down why I NEED to quit adderrall, focused on positive thinking and just had an amazing conversation with my girlfriend, apologized to her and told her its not going to happen again. I am done with adderrall, for real. I will be strong. I will be healthy. period. I am 22 years old and have just 18credit hours left to graduate college. ADD is a bullshit diagnosis, I knew it then and I know it now. Drop your doctor / psychiatrist is a BIG one. Best way is to communicate it with your doctor and look for Wellbutrin or Modafinil if you must, but cut off your access to your prescription, that (imo) is among the first things you need to do to quit cold turkey, unless you still have your pills DUMP THEM! Thank you guys, thank you everyone who's going through withdrawals and sharing your success / failures and guiding us to getting healthy, and being AUTHENTICALLY successful. Thank yourselves if you're on this site, it means you want to quit and it means you want a better life. A few weeks / couple months is a blip in your life, focus on a day-by-day... many people with healthy habits (diet, exercise etc) or even the chemical makeup of your body can mean a shorter span of withdrawals and quicker route to success and happiness without the drug. Thank you and my very best to everyone