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  1. Relapse in sight

    Hello, I am almost a week over 5 months completely sober. I was a ~30mg IR-weed-tobacco user for the last 4 years or so. As of now, everyday is getting harder. I was doing alright until I had my wisdom teeth removed last week and was prescribed a week's worth of Percocet. I went through the whole bottle and was reminded what dopamine felt like. I have scheduled an appointment with my psychiatrist and am planning to get back on the meds. I am tired of being tired and having no motivation to do anything. Reading some of these posts has given me hope for the future, but I may just be someone who is better functioning with medication than without for the time being.
  2. Hello All, After a 5 month journey off adderall, I thought to give vyvanse a try (telling myself that it was different b/c it wasn't the same drug, though deep down inside, I knew it was). Anyways, I tried it one day and had a bad experience. I woke up the next day and thought to give it another try, and yet had another bad experience. This was the first time I had taken a stimulant without smoking weed/tobacco and or drinking after doing so to cope with the comedown(very glad I still haven't relapsed on the other three). Other than feeling a very intense high for maybe 3-4 hours both days (which to be honest was far too enjoyable for me to get any work done at all), I had a terrible experience. I couldn't eat at all! When I did, it had to be sugar and carbs! I barely slept, even after taking tons of melatonin! The anxiety was crippling! I got rid of it all and cancelled my future appointment with doctor. I very much missed my normal self and came to appreciate all of the progress i've made, which brings me to my question: What kind of set back am I looking at as far as brain chemistry goes? I know that I obviously blew the streak, but will I be set back months, weeks, days? Can I still be on track for the "first year"? If anyone has had a similar experience, I would love to hear! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!