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  1. 62 - And Nervous about Taking the Plunge

    Appreciate the encouragement. Needed to hear those words
  2. Posting story hoping it will help me take the solid move to stop. I Loved Vyvanse and the way it made me feel. Took vyvanse for 10 + years. Started at age 50 and it gave me the energy and thought process of a twenty or thirty year old. I starting computer programming in the 1980s and it's been a fun great career path. Vyvanse (70 + 40 mg ) a day seemed to keep me so productive and continued my career along side 20 30 and 40 year olds. My blood pressure skyrocketed but carelessly was in denial. At 59.5 years of age Feb 1 2018; had a stroke leving right side of body with no feelings. I was horrified and scared I would be handicapped. That day woke me up. I immedidated started tapering down. Doctors wanted to load me up with high blood pressure medicine. I got worse. I changed my diet, and started an holistic approach to getting better. It's been a very slow and feel I'm being a little long winded but want to get this out. In 2018 started getting massages, exercising, eating whole foods, and an excruciating slow tapering process. Went from 110 to 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 and now 20 about every other day. I just told doctor to not renew my 10mg and very nervous about not performing at work which sounds silly at 62. Regardless, I hope by sharing this will help me to take the final plunge to stop vyvanse. I'm fortunate that I have had about 90 percent recovery from stroke and blood pressure is getting manageable. I have a holistic doctor now which is giving me biofeedback therapy, nad+ iv, and with the diet, exercise, making slow slow progress. I can grow, educate, and make changes even in my 60s. Posting now and hope to post again with progress. Thanks, george
  3. Thanks for sharing older user. I do have muscle weakness in my right leg which I personally attribute to poor circulation from vyvanse use. I'm 62 and and was starting to feel a little lonely being in 60s. Just read your post. I was on a high dose of vyvanse and loved it. On feb 1, 2018, I had a stroke with nerve damage on right side of body. I immediately went down to 70, and have finally tapered down to 10mg. I'm at that final stage and told doctor I do not want another refill. Talking about taking it slow., but here I am. Iv changed my diet, am sleeping better with exercise and messages. I can not wait to stop and grateful I'm still here and having an opportunity to get better
  4. 5 Month Update

    Thanks for sharing you experience. I'm 62 and been on vyvanse/adderall/other for 20+ years. I've been on a high dose of vyvanse and have weaned down from 110 (70+40) to only 10 mg on average every other day. I've gone as much as 9 days with out and give in to taking 10 mg. My biggest fear is being able to work efficiently and stay social. I'm on a low enough dose to make the final cut; but concerned about the lows. I loved vyvanse for a long time. I was very focused with work, but for have experienced health issues (hypertension) for the past couple of years which has motivated me to stop taking vyvanse. Thanks for sharing your experience strength and hope. G