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  1. Cold Turkey for the Win

    Thank you. The pills were roasting me before I got off of them. I went into a substance induced psychosis and was sent to a mental hospital involuntarily by family. I never knew just taking my adderall would have such a side effect. I had a brutal sobering experience. Congrats on the 10 years sober, that's leadership quality right there. I'm ready to be over the PAWS, it comes in waves. But we are all in this together. What a shit drug to get addicted to. I remember when I first started taking it in college thinking man what can I accomplish on it. Well, it roasted me and definitely hurt my career. So hell yeah, I'm glad you torched those pills. They deserved it.
  2. Cold Turkey for the Win

    I poured Gain laundry detergent and Bleach on the 57 remaining Adderall 20mgs today. I only took three pills out of this Rx that was filled 11/23/2020. I broke up with weed in October 2019 and Adderall on November 24, 2020. I won't ever use Adderall again. I loved Adderall, but I'd rather not be addicted to prescription speed anymore, 11 years is enough. I felt something special when I was wasting those pills today. It was like I love you but I hate you and ultimately I'm better without you. Then I threw my wasted pill bottle in the trash. Such a dramatic breakup, but if you all knew the full story. We all certainly have our own story in regards to Amphetamines negatively impacting us. Cold Turkey is working, no way I could do a step down. I couldn't even do off days. I ordered some brain supplements and I've been using caffeine. The supplement Uridine looks good. Exercise helps, specifically cardio. Good sleep helps. Good healthy non-processed food helps. If I want to feel like I'm zinging on Addy I will follow the steps above and repeat, that's my only choice now. However, if you want to feel absolutely terrible eat McDonald's and Little Caesars and stare out the window not getting off the couch. I tried that for a few days as withdrawals were working me. But, Cold Turkey wins and I trust the process. I'm trading my bad for me addiction in for a healthy lifestyle. I have a better personality off of Adderall. I make heathier choices off of Adderall. Go Cold Turkey with me. We always knew this couldn't be good for us in the long term. Jump on it.