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  1. Day 8 after 10 years of stimulants

    Greetings, I'm 36, a husband and father of 3. I was on 20mg adderall xr for 10yrs. And I also drank coffee and dipped grizzly wintergreen like a maniac. Today is day 8 of 0 adderall, 0 caffeine and I replaced grizzly wintergreen with Zyn 3mg pouches for a little nicotine fix. I think I'm doing great except for my diet lol. I'm eating like I'm starving 24/7. I also have no energy. I'm trying to lose 30lbs before the summer and not gain 30lbs. I quit caffeine because I was drinking too much coffee and had heart palpitations lately due to stress and stimulants but I've had 0 heart palpitations in 5 days and my BP went from 135/85 down to 110/62. There was 3 days in between those readings. I can't believe how much that changed. I honestly feel okay now except I have 0 energy and my diet is going crazy. Those 2 reasons are the only reasons I would want to take adderall again but I won't!!! It's just hard to fight those urges. I can start to feel myself coming back a little, especially my humor! and I've missed that a lot. I'm also planning on putting in a new fence this spring and it sounds terrifying without Adderall or chew lol but I'm going to try my best and get it done! Thanks for reading!
  2. Day 8 after 10 years of stimulants

    Thanks guys! Tomorrow is 14 days of 0 adderall and 0 caffeine. I already gained 5 lbs lol but the last couple days my will power towards food has become more manageable. Keep my expectations tame is good advice. Thank you. I'll remember that when I notice my expectations being too high, which they usually are but ill try to remain tame. The fence project is getting closer lol I think it will be a success. Thanks again
  3. Day 8 after 10 years of stimulants

    Thank you! I noticed a natural laugh today a few times(1 by myself watch TV lol) and it was a good feeling.