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  1. I can't believe it's me...

    @NurseAddywow that is so great! that's a huge step! I remember I did the same thing one. I refilled my prescription and the next day, flushed it--maybe it was divine intervention? or just my true self finally taking control. It's kind of like a game of catch-up with your addiction--you have to beat it before it beats you. Now that you are clear headed, perhaps you should consider pushing up your appointment or calling your doctor to let him know you have been abusing the medication (otherwise your addiction might creep in when you're having a bad day). As far as the guilt, just let it go. It's NOT your fault. Yes you made the choice to abuse it but you weren't in your right mindset when you made that choice--the addiction was clouding your judgment and you just couldn't say no. Addiction is a sickness, and like all sicknesses, it can get worse or better. But you have the power to do what you can to avoid getting tempted again, whether it's calling your doctor sooner than your appointment, letting a family/friend know about what you're going through, or eating a lot of junk food, do whatever makes you feel good without Adderall. I know food tastes a lot better when you're off it right? But seriously, what makes you happy?
  2. Drug-Addicted Future MD

    Getting off of it will change your life for the good. All you need is some help and support--and believe in yourself! You can and will do this. Have you considered outpatient (or inpatient) rehab? or at the very least, seeing a therapist? Feel free to message me anytime. I have been where you've been many times and I am happy to say I have been off Adderall for just over one year and I have no desire to ever to take it again. Good luck and once again, I"m here if you want to talk !
  3. Considering Wellbutrin

    I've been on Wellbutrin for two years. I haven't experienced any temptation to abuse it or take more than prescribed. It is nothing like Adderall (and I mean that in a good way).
  4. I can't believe it's me...

    @NurseAddy I have been exactly where you've been! Ironically, I was 30 years old too when I got off of it. There is no trick or magical means of quitting Adderall other than believing in yourself and having support. If I didn't have my family and husband on my side I'm not sure I would have been able to stay off of it. I also went through a short-term outpatient rehab program which was pivotal to keeping me off of it. What I can say with 100% assurance is that once you get off of it for a week, two weeks, a month, three months, etc. etc. you WILL feel happier and more at peace with yourself (you'd also be surprised at how much sharper your brain is when you're off of it--at least that's how I felt). I hope that helps. Please feel free to message me anytime! Laura
  5. Long Island, NY

    sisepuede, welcome to the LI club. What's your status on quitting adderall? I'm trying the weaning off method...
  6. I did it!

    Amy, I was thinking of doing the same thing! That's my main problem, knowing that it's accessible/a phone call away. I've actually thought about having my father, who's a lawyer, call my doctor and threaten him with legal action, as to prevent him from writing me prescriptions again. I never went that far though. I'd also rather not get my parents involved anymore than they have been. But I'd love to know if your doctor returned your call/responded to you... let me know!
  7. Long Island, NY

    me! I live in Long Island, near Queens on the South Shore. How about you?