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  1. It's really hard for me to imagine life without adderall, as I have been on it for 8yrs. Now my max dose even seems to be not working. So here is a list of things I am worried about losing when I stop adderall... I would love any feedback, words of wisdom... hope. Will I have... - curiosity? - any attention span? - motivation? - interests? - energy? - focus? Does everyone who goes off it gain weight? I've also read that when you're on adderall for awhile, it can eventually make you depressed & lacking in sex drive. How long does it take to get all these things back? I feel miserable when I don't take adderall for a day (which I've only actually tried once or twice). I'm afraid of being unhappy, lethargic, & less of all the things I am now. How long until I start feeling the positive effects? As a side, I also no longer drink - I've been sober for over 3yrs now. I thought maybe someone with the same experience(s) could tell me how it's similar or different. Thanks for reading - there's so much on this site that I often get overwhelmed & feel like I need a pill just to remain focused enough to get through all the material!
  2. NYC

    any young adults who want to meet up in the NYC area?
  3. i'm new here... & scared

    hey, I've been reading the posts/articles on this site for awhile now. I've found it helpful & comforting, although I haven't really done anything to get off adderrall. I want to get off it but, like so many others here, I'm scared that I won't be productive, energetic, etc. Will I be me? I've been on it (prescribed) for 8yrs now. I'm almost 29 now & I just don't really know who I am off of adderrall - what if I don't like myself as much? What if I don't like myself at all? I'm also scared to let others down or make others feel like they don't know me (because all of a sudden I'll be this different person). I'm feeling overwhelmed just starting to write all this now. If I hardly have energy/focus ON adderrall now, how am I ever going to have it if/when I go off? I know I have to be off it (and off my other meds that I've been on so long) fairly soon because my husband & I want to start trying to have kids in a couple of years (& I will NOT do that with meds in my system - I'm trying to give myself plenty of time to get off the meds & stabilize). I guess I'm just looking for some insights... some hope... does anyone have experience or know anyone who has had success after 8yrs of being on adderrall? (no breaks or vacations from the little orange/pink pills during those 8 yrs). I have so much more to share & ask, but I think I will leave it at that for now. I'm feeling defeated today and, like I've said, just so scared. Thanks for being here.