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  1. I would like to send a letter to my doctor to cancel my prescription. Has anyone on the forum done this? I dumped the last bottle full of evil pills and have been 14 days clean this month (and enjoying every minute of the "FREEDOM.") The prescription comes due at the first of the month and would like NOT to have the option to get it filled. I am already starting to think about the day I can get it filled and I desparately want to be rid of this horrible substance. Should I just call the doctor or would it be better to spell out my concerns in a letter? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Freedom
  2. I am tired of the cravings for this drug and just want to run far away. I am finding it very hard to stay sober since I can get the drug so easily. Another New Year is coming and I am so disappointed in myself. I know I can't ask friends to quit the drug just so I am not tempted, but it would be a lot easier if it wasn't so available. It has changed my best friend into a person I don't even recognize, I miss her old friendly, happy, calm self. When I look at her I see the anxious person I have also become, and I long for her to get sober so I can too. I don't want her health to suffer more damage and wish she could see how it is slowly killing her (and me.) My latest drug free period lasted 12 days and I was just beginning to feel like my old self and I liked it, WHY do I keep going back? Does anyone here have any suggestions as to how I can stop wanting this horrible drug? I want to go to rehab but don't want my coworkers to find out. I wish I could do it on my own. This site helps me get back on track but I think I need drastic measures to quit once and for all.
  3. So grateful to be HERE!

    Beth, how long did it take to get a full night of sleep after stopping the Xanax? Congrats on quitting, I wish you the best in recovery. Have you thought of seeing a psychiatrist for your depression? I can't bring myself to do that and want to do this on my own, but I am finding it very hard to completely quit everything since the depression hits me hard. Please keep us posted on your recovery.
  4. How I quit Adderall

    Quit Once: Reading your post was a message from heaven, it came just in time for me to stop and think, do I really want to take another evil pink pill to feel better - the answer is always NO in my head but the addiction just keeps talking to me over and over again telling me different. I know it will take time to get my "old life" back, not that it was that great but better than this hopeless feeling that I can't change my life on my own. Ten years ago I would not even dream of taking drugs to make myself feel better because I knew I could do it with exercise, breathing and a good diet. But when you are on Adderall you don't need exercise because you are continuously doing stupid projects that don't mean a thing but at the time they seem SO important, I ate whatever I wanted because it took too much time away from "projects" to cook a healthy meal. As for meditation and breathing, my mind would not stop for a minute to let me take a complete breath or have a moment of silence to think on my own. Please keep in touch with this website on your recovery, you give me hope and I'm sure a lot of other people hope who are out there searching for a life without this Adderall addiction. If you want my two cents, I would get the keys to that safe, take those pills and offer them up to the devil gods who created them in the first place. I could not even imagine knowing I had some stashed away somewhere and not wanting to get to them, but if it makes you stronger to know you have the will to resist them - more power to you! Thanks, Freedom
  5. Scared of withdrawal....

    The first few days are exhausting to say the least. My body was sore from top to bottom just from laying in bed so long. After the 3rd day you just have to force yourself to start moving, do anything but don't lay down if you don't have to. You will have bouts of energy after a very long morning of sleepiness. Just be kind to yourself, your body is weaning itself off a very dangerous, addictive drug and will thank you once it is rid of this chemical nightmare they call a cure for ADHD - what a joke! What it is a cure for is getting the Pharma companies rich by creating more addicts to their product.
  6. Married with Adderall

    Michelle, I wish your husband luck in getting off this terrible medicine. The cure really is worse than the disease in this case. I feel like I am being brainwashed into thinking I can't live without these pills. The anger side effect is very real. People at work think I am bi-polar because I'm happy one day and the next I can't stand people or life in general. The longest I was off was 3 weeks and by the 3rd week I felt like my old self and was really happy to be normal again. Then I got depressed and wanted to feel better and started again. I want to move to another state too just to get this evil medicine out of my system. I hate it and I hate the fact that I am so weak to keep going back. I really do wish they would ban this crap and finally we would all get some relief. Good luck and tell him to hang in there, every person who kicks it is a hero to me. Sara
  7. Adderall is EVIL

    I am beginning to think that a lot of information is being hidden from the public and can only pray this drug goes the way of Phen-Fen. My family is slowly being destroyed by this drug, It makes me angry that it is so easy for people to get this drug. This is the most psychologically addictive drug I have ever seen on the market. Every time I see a drug rep in my doctor's office I think of them as the corner pusher in a black suit and high heels. THE WHOLE THING DISGUSTS ME, and I will join in the class action suit along with you. Once again money is more important to this country and corporations than the health of it's citizens.
  8. Adderall is EVIL

    Core pharma was the company with the orange football type tablets and light blue round 10 mg tablets. Eon was much better but they all have bad side effects. My hair is already repairing itself after only 7 days off the evil pills. I still want them badly but am doing my best to get clean.
  9. Adderall is EVIL

    Adderall should be banned by the FDA. I haven't had anything but bad side effects from this drug. It is just a legal way for pharma to make money getting people addicted to amphetamines. I think they are no better than the street corner pusher. It is WAY to easy to get this drug and physicians should be held accountable for pushing this drug. Here's my story in a nutshell: Over 10 years ago I let myself get hooked on phentermine from a "diet doctor". Developed high blood pressure and depression - two more meds for pharma to make money on top of the diet pills. Now have to take drugs to sleep because of Adderrall. Started taking Adderall when diet doctor went out of business. Longest time off was 7 Days for New Years resolution. Many shorter attempts, latest one was 5 days recently. Always felt good after the the 3 day sleep period, like myself again. Side effects: irritable, nonsocial, no real feelings, bad breath, bad teeth (very expensive side effect!), bad skin, hair falling out, eyesight worsened, paranoia, insomnia, bruising, joint pain causing arthritis sympyoms, brittle nails and VERY EXHAUSTED), thyroid function out of whack, don't enjoy exercise, caused severe allergies and asthma . I am mainly on the fast track to old age and I am in my early 50s. Good side effcts: false energy to clean, do projects which need concentration. THAT IS IT! I return to this forum at least once a week for encouragement. Thank you all for your stories and inspiration Today is another day 1, I'll keep trying to quit until it sticks. Wish me luck.