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  1. Me and my broken life.

    Here I am, once again attemping to write something.. Im no writer, just looking to reach out. it seems we all have the same issues so im sure u already know.. So I am going to skip all the gory details of my many downfalls. I did get things done, built, designed, fixed, obessed over, and then usually half complete. So here i am, 28 male. possible workaholic, lonely, and comfortble. I never was prescribed to adderall, jbut I think I have been abusing it for the better part of my life now. I have had more all-nighters than any one man should have. here for a while now 1-2 binges a week of no sleep or eat. I seem to futnction quite well this way. At this point I just assume I could break or worse any day now. I buy them off reliable people and like clockwork I go. I usually snort them, usually now days Its maybe something like 12-15 30s in one day (or 2-3days) lol its all the same anymore. Im not bragging in fact very ashamed that i cant fix this. been trying without trying to hard for over 10 years now. This is not my cry for help, just me acknowledging my severe addiction, and gradual demise if i dont start to try and fix this. I am thankful for this forum and everyone here; and just wanted to introduce myself and the problem so I can mabye start on the path to freedom. well.... its been a long night... and i think only here will those words truley be understood