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  1. Anyone here completely back to normal?

    60 hours is nothing man. You may be in for some rough times in the coming months.
  2. Intellectual Achievements After Adderall

    Precisely. It's a little disheartening that no one has responded :/
  3. Anyone here completely back to normal?

    By the way, I haven't seen any recent posts from the admin Mike. Does anyone know what his story is?
  4. Anyone here completely back to normal?

    Can you describe your 'new' normal?
  5. Anyone here completely back to normal?

    Awesome post, thank you, It seems like I can hope for happiness again but I am mainly concerned about my intellectual efficacy. I did well in school before adderall and did well while on it, but in these past few months, I have completely fell off the band wagon. I feel like I no longer have ideas! Another huge issue is that I can hardly hold a conversation with people as well. I seem to have lost the ability to stay on topic. My brain will jump around incessantly and it absolutely shows to the person I am talking with. It's difficult to describe. It's as if, for some funny reason, I think and say random things without deciding if I agree with the statements or not. It's completely capricious and feels like the essence of stupidity. Generally, my ability to be eloquent has completely gone away. Has anyone experience this?
  6. For those who have been off adderall for more than a year, have you had any intellectual achievements? (i.e. creating an application, getting a paper published) I want to make some applications but my mind is so sporadic that it is difficult to get anything done. Will my efficacy return?
  7. I see so many posts about life improving over the course of a few years after adderall, but can anyone here say they have completely gotten back to normal? I quit about 2 months ago and have been seriously feeling the side effects. I want to know if my passion will return unabated at some point. Also, are there truly permanent side effects that never go away?
  8. My Story

    Always awesome, how do you feel 8 months off? Can you describe any symptoms you still feel and what it was like right after you quit? Sorry, if it's too much ask, that's totally cool.
  9. My Story

    I guess it's a hard question to answer, but do you feel like your ability to do mathematics and solve problems was at all diminished permanently after adderall? Can you compare or remember how it was before using?
  10. My Story

    When you guys say 'back to normal,' is it really FULLY back to normal? Is there anyone on here that feels like they have completely returned to their old self? My memory seems also completely shot. I forget so much all the time. I used to have such vivid memories and now all of high school is a haze. I really hope that returns as well. I still work hard and have some goals that I have forced upon myself. I want to develop a few app ideas and learn how to code. However, I can't help thinking that I will never develop any logical prowess, which is very important to me. Can anyone comment on their ability to visualize details in mathematics or coding after coming off of adderall? I feel like my ability to really internalize this kind of information is gone. I think probably the biggest thing, however, is my ability to stay on subject. My mind seems so capricious, and even my ability to care about that, is gone.
  11. My Story

    Hello, My name is Blake and I quit Adderall about 2 months ago. I am still very seriously feeling the side effects of quitting. I am currently in college studying biochemistry at UCSD and things are not well at all. My sleeping schedule is unbelievably inconsistent, with some nights ending at 6 in the morning. I almost always nap during the day for several hours and stay in bed, in some cases, until 4-5 pm. My new roommate must think I am the worst. I am so lethargic all the time and have no passion toward anything. It makes me extremely sad to think about it, since before I was on Adderall, I had been an avid guitar player and performer who really cared about entertaining people but haven't picked up my Martin since I quit. I had been on the drug for about 3 years and wish I had never started. Grades improved (although I truly believe I could have done well without the pills) and my social life strained. I am convinced I never truly had ADD and I am skeptical as to whether it is even a real disorder. Looking back, I can't help thinking "How dare they so casually diagnose this disease!" I should have expected an MRI scan, with a neuroscientist's opinion on the matter. "Yep, by the way you're brain is lighting up, we can see that it's likely you have ADD." Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that. You give them symptoms and they give you pills. In any case, I would be really grateful to hear some success stories and any other comments from you guys. Thank you, Blake