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  1. Tiredofit

    @TiredofitHow is it going? Did you ever take the step? I can totally relate to how your feeling. I have just recently quit and am also worried about many things but we can do this!
  2. What motivates you to stay clean?

    This is a great thread. Here are my top three motivations for quitting. 1.) Anhedonia - I want to feel genuine enjoyment again in life activities. I want to feel real happiness again. 2.) Family - I want my kids and wife to know and love me as I truly am, not the false self created by artificially manipulated dopamine levels. 3.) Work - I want to feel genuine pride in my work knowing that I have reached my goals due to my own persistence, hard work, and determination.
  3. Cutting Morning Dose

    The mornings have been the most difficult for me. Two things have helped. One is the recognition that I am simply not going to feel as alert first thing in the morning as I felt when I took an amphetamine. For people who don't take drugs, waking up is a process and I have had to accept that it will take time to get going. Second, I have a VERY strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning and then an energy drink a couple of hours later.This helps some with the grogginess. Don't get me wrong though it does not change the fact that you will not feel (to some degree) zooked like you did on adderall. It has, however, helped me survive the morning. Good luck.
  4. Impact of Stress on Recovery

    Hi IFIHADKNOWN, Just want to mention that I by no means meant to indirectly suggest that you should quit your job. Just trying to empathize, share a similar experience, and mention some of the research i've done on this topic. Best wishes on your journey of sobriety.
  5. Impact of Stress on Recovery

    Hi INIHADKNOWN, I can definitely empathize. As someone in academia, I feel constant stress around performing at a very high level. The stress can be nearly debilitating to my sense of focus; a necessary requirement as I deal with large data sets and statistical analysis. There is empirical evidence that high stress can definitely affect attention, focus, and levels of fatigue. This makes recovery all the more difficult. Hang in there.