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  1. Cognition

    You are experiencing exactly what Adderall puts you through. It’s not nutrition or anything else, it’s the Adderall. You are no longer in the honeymoon phase and it will get worse if you don’t stop. It will make you hyper focus on dumb shit and make you think you’re doing great. It will make you waste a lot of time chasing rabbits, losing friends, pissing of coworkers, and handing in lots of incoherent babble at school. It is not natural. Adderall fucks with the brain in so many ways. All your synapses firing all over the place while dopamine floods your receptors. It had me talking to aliens, building free energy machines, and losing my mind. It landed me in a mental hospital twice. I was a meth head that thought I was special. I was so lost in that shit. When I hit rock bottom the second time I had psychosis, I had my spiritual awakening and at the same time I realized that Adderall was ruining my life so I had to quit. It was survival at first, just getting through one day at a time. It was brutal and I’m still here to help warn others after almost 3 years clean. Your cognition does return and so does everything else, it just takes time, a whole lot of precious time.
  2. This documentary is dangerous because I felt like it was an in infomercial for Adderall. If I didn’t know anything about it, I would probably go try to get a script after watching this shit. The subjects they chose are mostly still on the stuff and are basically glorifying it by showing their happy lives on amphetamines, what a joke. if you watch it, be careful to not let it trigger you into getting back on addies, remember how horrible the recovery is. Anyway, the fact that I’m rewatching this at almost 3 years off Adderall tells you that it is still affecting me.
  3. 9 Months. Help!

    At nine months this is to be expected. Just hang in there and get to the one year mark. After that it starts to get a little better. Try to get outside and just walk around the block. Do anything outside even if it’s just walking, it helps. You’ve made it 9 months which is awesome, keep going, it is worth it. I remember when I was at 9 months I had horrible anxiety and depression, it will eventually get better just don’t get back in Adderall. welcome to the forums, keep checking in, the people here were a lifesaver when I was really low.
  4. My Personality Medicine

    I think we’ve all experienced what you are talking about. Adderall is so addictive because it is so good at telling us the lies and making us believe we are better when we’re high. The truth is it only makes you think you are great, in reality, you are probably just as good without it, better even. Welcome to the forums and I look forward to hearing more of your journey.

    Great, something felt strange about the traffic lately. I thought people just stopped taking Adderall everywhere. But we all know that’s not true. Thanks for getting the registration fixed!
  6. 3 Years! (kinda)

    Congratulations, I’ll be there soon too. It’s good to be back to reality but now I’m wondering where I’d be had I never touched Adderall. I guess it’s a part of who I am now now so just have to go from here.
  7. Article: Scariest Drug

    I miss that unlimited confidence boost and how it made me a better version of myself or so I thought. I don’t miss the psychosis.
  8. Article: Scariest Drug

    This article is so on point. I have had wonderful experiences in all those drugs and I outgrew them fine. Adderall is the only one that put me in the hospital twice because it completely had a hold on my life, I was utterly addicted and I didn’t even know it. It’s the scariest drug of all because it works so damn well at making you feel like a god. It is the worst because out of all the drugs I’ve done, it was the best.
  9. Long timer checking in.

    I’m not even sure how long I’ve been off because it’s been almost 3 years now. This is a clear sign that recovery is possible and I just wanted to say hi and let you all know that I’m doing fine. Life is all mine now, it’s not perfect but I can honestly say that Adderall is a distant memory for me. Tonight is the first time it popped in my head in weeks and mainly because I was thinking how good I feel. The crazy thing is I can’t remember how I felt in early recovery anymore. I remember that it was horrible and the worst thing ever but I dint remember exactly how. It’s hard to explain. Lately I’ve just been having these thoughts like “I’m back!” I actually got into my work today while writing a document and I was so focused and started researching stuff and really enjoying it, it was strange because it felt like I was on Adderall, minus the jitters and teeth-grinding. I came across a similar document that I wrote when I was on Adderall and OMG, it was fascinating and scary to look at my work from those days. Knowing what I know now, it’s no surprise I got fired for turning in that work. Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well and loving your Adderall free lives!
  10. Congratulations! One year is huuuuge and it only gets better from here. At one year I was still struggling but I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Year two will be easier but still pretty rough in terms of motivation and some depression. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and getting more days under your belt. Try to enjoy the good days because they will start to be sprinkled in there. The trick is to recognize when you’re having a good day and remember that feeling for when the bad days come. You don’t need Adderall to have a good life, you know that now. Congrats again on a major milestone.
  11. Sure is quiet these days.

    I noticed this too. I’m still in here lurking quite a bit too but I can’t complain too much as I am at 27 months so just looking to help others. I can say I feel quite good about my recovery but now I’m just facing regular life challenges and I can’t relate it to recovery anymore. Thank god I made it through the first two years and it was hugely because of this site. I suspect more people will join as time goes by because I don’t think they stopped prescribing Adderall recently. Anyway, glad to see you and others are still on here.
  12. TWO YEARS :)

    Well done Nicole! I am a few months ahead of you and I feel the same about year one and two. Year three is going well so far but I am still on here quite a bit, I think it may just be habit and to remind myself of how shitty recovery was so I can enjoy being off Adderall even more. I also like to help others that are just starting out. Anyway, keep checking in and enjoy life!
  13. Congrats to 4 months! It’s a milestone but still very early for recovery. You are on your way to a better life without Adderall. Months 5-9 will still be tough with mental fog and anxiety. It wasn’t until we’ll into year two when I felt like my old self again. I am now in year three and I find it hard to remember what those early months were like, but I know they were hell for me. Hang in there and try to enjoy the little things because one day you’ll look back and realize as shitty as this time is, you were still living your life.
  14. Relapse Damage

    Once you are addicted and you try to quit, there is no such thing as taking only your prescribed dose. That is complete bullshit and I firmly believe that people do not need this drug in heir lives. I also believe that adhd was made up by the industry to push this particular drug because of the money it generates for psychiatrists and shire pharmaceutical. Now that you went through your relapse, it’s time to get off again and stay off. I relapsed the first time I tried to quit and did exactly what you did, I binged a 30 day supply in a couple weeks and had psychosis which is what it finally took to get me to realize it was gonna kill me.
  15. Found an old pill and flushed it

    I used to keep loose pills in my little hidden zipper pocket of my backpack and after more than two years off every once in a while when I reach in that pocket I still have the thought of “what if there’s an addy in here?” then I root around in there until I come to my senses and realize how strong those little fuckers are. I’m glad you flushed it, but to be complete honest, I think I may have said fuck it and taken it. They don’t scare me anymore which is the really scary part. It’s like I’ve forgotten how awful recovery was and I’m back to being carefree about them. That’s why I need to keep coming here so I can remind myself of the hellish nightmare that is Adderall addiction and recovery.