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  1. I have no idea. Scared

    Details please.
  2. Sharing the triumphs with the struggles

    Congrats Nicole! You absolutely are better without Adderall. Everyone thinks they are rock stars on Adderall but the truth is they are emotionless, arrogant, cracked out robots. Enjoy your new role and never look back. You did this all by yourself with no Adderall, revel in it!
  3. Just need to vent

    I’m in month 20 and I totally know what you’re going through. You think at 17 months you should be completely over Adderall but for some reason it still haunts you sometimes. It’s totally normal to have what I think are flashbacks but it will pass. The season does bring some depression and sad thoughts so that is to be expected. You won’t act on getting Adderall but yeah the thought does pop into your head. Just keep moving forward and remember how bad the first year was. Do you ever want to go through that again? I didn’t think so. Stay strong and you’ll have some awesome days in the next few months like I did. Even so, I’m at 20 months and I still read his site a lot! Fuck Adderall.
  4. 6 months out--hasn't been hard at all

    Consider yourself very lucky. I went through hell those first six months and it was not just in my head. I couldn’t move, I was suicidal and I clawed my way out of depression for months. It was pure hell. At 19 months, I can proudly say that I am almost fully recovered but don’t take away from the hell I went through by saying it was so easy, you were lucky.
  5. 2 yrs and counting.

    Congrats Frank! I know at two years you’d think it’s no big deal but it is. You’ve come so far and you are an inspiration to many even if you don’t see it. I am at month 19 and I read all of your posts and they are of great help because I can see what’s ahead for me as I get closer to 2 years (holy shit) of no Adderall. Life is really starting to get back to normal so try to enjoy the good moments and appreciate the bad moments. You’ve come a long way and are living your life now without Adderall and I can tell by your posts that you have gotten a lot better. I’m looking forward to 2 years and then beyond. happy thanksgiving to you Frank.
  6. Brain Feeling Better! 14 months

    Congrats on 14 months! It was definitely a milestone for me. Now you can focus on improving your life and enjoying things again. You are out of the hell that is early recovery but you still have to pick up some pieces leftiver from the addiction days. I am exercising regularly now and I have some natural drive to accomplish things again. At 18 months I really am not looking back much which is a great feeling. You will be here soon and feeling much better. Keep kickin ass!
  7. Sober Grid

    Never heard of it but I’ll check it out.

    Procrastination for me was awful in those early months of recover due to very low dopamine levels. It was almost like I procrastinated on purpose just so I would feel something when a deadline finally crept up. Indecision went along with the procrastination too, I would find it difficult to make the smallest decisions thus adding to my anxiety. Eventually it does get better if you keep pushing forward. Just take one step at a time and get outside and do some exercise! Just walking around helped tremendously in those early days.
  9. Quitting (again)

    Adderall skinny was really great for me until I ended up in the hospital twice for psychosis. I am now running 3 days a week and close to my pre-Adderall weight. I feel about a hundred times stronger than on Adderall and I will never touch that shit again. This is of course after a year of trudging through hell in recovery dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts. My advice to you is quit while you are young and don’t look back. It is absolutely worth it if you are strong enough. And you are.
  10. Good article

    Good article that shows how close Adderall is to Meth. In fact people prefer Adderall because it’s manufactured by a company so it’s cleaner and more trusted. This is how messed up this whole system is. I am so happy to have escaped the clutches of Adderall but I’m afraid many people will have to go through hell before anything changes to curb this epidemic. Adderall is legal Meth.
  11. When other people notice...

    That is a great sign when people notice that you are you again. My family and friends that knew me before Adderall all tell me that I am much friendlier and fun to be around again. I’m not missing the Adderall me much anymore because my confidence is coming back naturally and it feels great!
  12. Difficult Day

    Vent away two months is still extremely early in recovery. I promise it gets better as long as you take it day by day and do not go back to Adderall. Hang in there and come here to share your journey and it will help you tremendously!
  13. 10 Months Adderall Free

    Congrats! 10 months is definitely a turning point for the best. At 12 months there will be even better days and it continues to get better into your second year! I’m so glad you didn’t take that piece of Adderall I’m not sure I could resist at 10 months. There’s no turning back now you are kicking ass! Fuck Adderall!
  14. Great things about not taking adderall

    I can take full deep breaths and relax.
  15. 16 Months!

    I am officially at 16 months off of Adderall and I have to say that I am doing pretty well. I started running about three times a week and it feels friggin' awesome. I can't believe that I can actually run again. A year ago there is no way I could even think about running. The best I could do was walk so that's what I did. My brain feels very close to normal, or what I remember being normal. My confidence is at about 80% and every time I accomplish something, the confidence goes up a little bit. Don't get me wrong, I still have days where I think about Adderall but the thoughts are about how crazy I was on Addy's and not so much thinking about how much I miss it. I'm still taking things one day at a time but I can tell that I am definitely better then a year ago. This forum helped me so much, I will be forever grateful! To all of you just starting out, hang in there, it gets better I promise. My advice is to take it one day at a time and try to exercise even if it's just going for a walk. Eventually you will naturally want to start jogging, then running. Try to be kind to yourself when you have your self dialogue, I beat myself up pretty good in the first year and I don't think that was smart. You are going through the hardest challenge in life but remember once you get through this, you will be stronger and better then you ever were. For the people who are over 16 months, how long did you continue getting better? What happens in year 3? Thanks again for all of your support, I love you all!