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I don't think about adderall anymore

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I used to be addicted to the substance l. I quit around June 2015, relapsed for like less than a month but I didn't really abuse it even when I relapsed in November 2016. I didn't pop 6 pills at once when I relapsed but I drank coffe, while on it , which is something that no one should ever do.i took two 10 mg's when I relapsed. Even after quitting for a whole year, your tolerance doesn't drop. Your problem is that you think you can take the drug without abusing it, but it's just not possible. Realistically speaking, 95% of the people on this forum can't NOT abuse it. It does a lot of damage to your mind body and soul and if anyone is serious about quitting, they should go to rehab. I was wrong when i thought that I needed adderall for college. I haven't been on it for almost s year now and I just forgive myself. Yes, the damage is done and it screws up your brain chemicals, but that doesn't mean that you should continue your habit and keep causing brain damage to your mind because you think it's irreversible. Your emotional emptiness isn't the problem. I don't want to blame people because iv personally experienced your pain with addiction but adderall won't fix anything. It keeps killing you. Even by being on this site, if all you do is stay up all night and add a story, you may think that minizes your problem but it doesn't. People go in and out of rehab. We all have our weaknesses. Choose life, don't chose a pill over your life. Your life is so much more important than this pill. Life> drugs any days . I don't wanna sound like I don't have problems. I do have emotional problems but once you stop the drugs, you will realize that the high is worthless.

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