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Letter to Dr to quit adderall

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I would like to send a letter to my doctor to cancel my prescription. Has anyone on the forum done this? I dumped the last bottle full of evil pills and have been 14 days clean this month (and enjoying every minute of the "FREEDOM.") The prescription comes due at the first of the month and would like NOT to have the option to get it filled. I am already starting to think about the day I can get it filled and I desparately want to be rid of this horrible substance. Should I just call the doctor or would it be better to spell out my concerns in a letter?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Freedom

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You know, it occured to me just now that unlike street drug addicts, adderall addicts (and any prescription pill addict) can "turn themselves in", which makes quitting a lot easier.

I really think that you are making an excellent decision by informing your doctor. From my experience, I feel like that is the most sure-fire way to once-and-for-all quit adderall - cutting off the doctor/supplier and making it impossible to get more.

Instead of spending time thinking over a letter, I suggest you just get it over with and leave a message for the nurse after hours, if you don't want to confront an awkward conversation. Just explain that you have been getting severely addicted to the pills, abusing the medication you've been given and would like that noted on your files and to not be prescribed anymore so you can get better.

Make sure are really clear about that and ask that it be noted on your files!

Then be done with it. You shouldn't even think about approaching the doctor again. Once doctor's learn this, they usually feel like they've be duped into prescribing to a pill popper.

Just don't call your doctor again. And be done with it. I strongly feel that is the best way to quit.

The other way is tapering off gradually with your doctor, but you are always leaving the door open to go back on the prescription. That door needs to be closed and locked... And the key needs to be tossed into the middle of the ocean.

In the past, I tried flushing my pills down the toilet, but I just went back to get my refill the next month.

When I quit for the final time, I knew my doctor was aware of my abuse of the pills and that I wouldn't get anymore again. I figured what was even the point of taking the half a bottle of pills I had left? So I didn't. So I didn't bother tapering off. It was over for me. I had to come to grips with that and force myself to move on.

Keep us posted!

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