Starting fresh after 2+ years addicted

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I'm on Day 3 of sobriety, after spending 2 years and 9 months addicted to 30mg a day.

Not feeling too bad -- main symptoms are a mild feeling of melancholy and the urge to lie down for a half-hour nap a few times a day, usually with vivid dreams. 

So far, so good.

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hi @Articulus

congratulations on taking the leap, and welcome to the forums!

"So far, so good" - that's an excellent attitude to have this early on in the process. ultimately your experience during recovery will be shaped by your expectations - if you feel like napping, then listen to your body and do it. you will find that pretty soon, you won't feel like napping during the day, which is great because it shows you're making progress. around that point in the journey is a good time to start an exercise routine, because you will have some energy back but won't really know what to do with it.

gl and keep us posted (: 

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