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  1. Ok thank you for being kind about it. I can easily go off topic so feel free to tell me “please stay on topic.” Are we in a sub forum now? I’m not old I am new to forums and sub forums . If I have a folder in a file cabinet like this: INSURANCE- main folder CAR INSURANCE - sub folder PET INSURANCE - sub folder Is this how the forums work? thank you for your patience
  2. Why, exactly, does tapering "not work"?

    JennyF have you or can you share your plan? I just need it to wake up now. It doesn’t even help me focus anymore..I made a post the other day and I was just rambling and probably made no sense.. Cold Turkey was a disaster for me years ago. I didn’t even go to work and was fired for not showing up. Zero motivation then I would drink alcohol and sneak onto golf courses at 4:00 AM letting my dog run free and swim. Both times I went cold turkey I ended up homeless. If you can share that would be great
  3. My New Puppy

    Love to Penney . Great pics. My photo was to large
  4. But this is the right thread to post this stuff right? I want to stay on topic in the off topic section. Lmao sorry.. I got it I think. But I’m not a newbie
  5. I forgot to copy the link but Diamond David Lee Roth can hold my attention for 3 hours..I can easily follow his random but orderly thoughts.. Ami Van Halen is my dog but some message said 501.7 size only so I can’t post the photo..drop down size makes the words small or large I have to make the photo smaller Back to normal size text and I found the link but now it won’t paste Joe Rogan 1256 on YouTube let me try that photo Didn’t work 124 small why would i Insert existing attachment If it was to big to attach? That’s weird . If I already attached it why insert it again . I joined this site in 2010 but I guess safari remembered the WRONG password. Even now the posts are several years old so I thought everyone bailed. I still don’t see many 2020 posts they all say 2017 or before.. i don’t want to make my photos smaller forever just to post here .. Just random stuff . Sorta serious but playing around earlier today I’m driving in my car and I hear sirens I’ll look in the rearview mirror and there’s an ambulance maybe about a quarter of mile back so people behind me are moving left and right in the ambulance is approaching super fast and I pretend like I’m in a high-speed police chase I start darting around you’re trying to drive the same speed does anybody else do this? Sorry this is just random stuff I’m just a waste time like this all the time just coming up with random stuff Seriously I’m like a roller coaster all day ups and downs. I want off of this stuff as you can see it doesn’t work anymore. i really am serious I must beat the orange devil. I’m glad I’m finally here so just bare with me until I get used to this forum deal. I’ve never been a forum kinda guy. I do remember when I joined and it gave me hope then.. Glad I’m here can people see this or do I have to make it public?
  6. Can I just copy and past my notes and y’all read what you want? Otherwise I’ll spend 2 hours making bullet points and trying to make it look right even though I don’t agree with all of it . This site should know what I’m talking about
  7. One Word Status Update

  8. Why, exactly, does tapering "not work"?

    Tapering may not work for an addict but it can work for dependence. Interested to know your combo though. My post was about tolerance. I’m not addicted to Adderall but I’m dependent.
  9. Why, exactly, does tapering "not work"?

    In October 2019 to 2020 I went from 30 mg 2x per day to 20 mg 2x per day. That’s 33% . Way back in 2002 I was up to 90 mg per day and that was way to much. I haven’t had the rush euphoria feeling in years but I cannot stay awake without it. I’ve missed a lot of work this year because of physical pain, muscle tightness which lead to anxiety and panic attacks. I did taper over several weeks but not in an organized way. Here is how I tapered from 60mg to 40mg IR 2 doses per day. Its not 100% accurate but close: 30/30 week 1-4) 30/25 week 4-10) 25/25 week 10-14) 25/20 week 14) 20-25/20 TO HELP WITH ADDERALL TOLERANCE 1) I have information to share 2) do I post it here or make another post? Admin?
  10. I signed up for this in 2010 and never found any revelent No Stupid Auto correct can’t spell revelation ..errr relevant .now I have to back space..IGNORE 5HIS PARAGRAPH. MY IPAD FORGOT HOW TO SPELL HUNDREDS OF WORDS BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED THE X on autocorrect so it wouldn’t underline in red. I didn’t realize there were all these members in 2010 much less the forums with thousands of replies..My next door neighbor told me about Adderall forums so I ask her for the website and it was this one. She’s been off a year now. Have to learn the website even though I’ve been here for 10 years. So many things I want to discuss. And do I get credit for being a member for 10 years? There were only about 8 people here and all we did was say “hi”. Any help with organization of these topics would be appreciated.. Is there a video how to navigate here? this is nuts.. as I type this my shower is on, my vitamix is on, my dog need to go out soon, I have a job interview at 6 that I’m not going to, farmers insurance is sending me invites, Pam Poppers office called. She’s the PHD who is on Dr Peter Breggins show. The psychiatrist that wrote that 4 inch thick book how to get off these meds.. Peter Breggin, Pam Popper, ibogaine? Amino acids, exercise, meditation, tinnitus, alcohol, muscle pain, cannabis, ADD is worse now, CBT, ANXIETY , panic, stress hormones, serotonin, dopamine norepinephrine, social life.. anyway I’m glad I’m here and happy for my neighbor. “Item prefix” what is that? Post looks crazy but I did it this way so you’ll get the idea.
  11. Dallas

    Sounds good. Sorry for my late response. My email is