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  1. Other clues that leads to magnesium deficiency: 1. I ate a lot of cheese daily since being a kid. Calcium interferes with magnesium absorption. Not eating milk products correlated with feeling better for me but I attributed it to placebo since I couldn't figure out why. 2. Didn't eat any magnesium rich foods. 3. Smoking/caffeine/amps/stress quickly deplete it. 4. I had a few occurrences of restless legs/muscle twitches/muscle cramps/high blood pressure/tachycardia/insomnia/night waking with sugar cravings. All of these are associated with magnesium deficiency. 5. My anxiety/depression followed a stressful situation but otherwise was sudden and inexplicable by life situation alone. I knew something was physically wrong.
  2. My depression/anxiety got really bad after being better for a while. After 7 month of no Amps I realized it wasn't withdrawal. In fact nothing made sense anymore. I had to start from scratch. I took amps to clear my head. It worked a little to stabilize me. I then decided to empty out all the assumptions and start research in another direction. I soon hit a gem: http://george-eby-research.com/html/depression-anxiety.html The guy cured his anxiety with 600-800 mg magnesium daily. Day three of doing the same my anxiety/depression was gone. I still feel a little off but that's probably real withdrawals now b/c I started/stopped amps again. Here is the kicker, Amps deplete magnesium. I think I know whats going on now. Two years ago I developed anxiety due to magnesium depletion which progressively got worse and that's when I started taking Amps. Amps cured me for a while and ultimately caused an even bigger depletion resulting in cognitive problems/numbness/suicidal depression. Magnesium stopped my emotional problems/sleep/heart problems almost the same day. Guys it is entirely possible I am not the only one here with that problem. Neurological problems are heavily correlated with low Magnesium (including ADHD). Now here is a subtlety that kept me from figuring it out sooner. I did take magnesium supplement a few times but I only took 100-200 mg a day. It was only after I took 600+ that I noticed problems resolving.
  3. What can Adderall do for you? RUIN YOU!

    Thank you for sharing a warning with others.
  4. What I realized after 6 month

    I am doing really good. Here is the thing though. Don't just wait it out. Exercise/nutition/CBT/Meditation should be part of your daily routine. Waiting it out makes you feel hopeless while doing something puts you into taking charge of your life mode. I saw most benefits when I started actively battling remaining anxiety/depression through cbt/mindfulness DAILY.
  5. Pointless post.

  6. http://paidtoexist.com/the-best-way-to-solve-a-problem-give-up/
  7. What do you think will happen?

    http://www.theicarusproject.net http://www.mindfreedom.org/ http://www.madinamerica.com/ There are A LOT of anti-psychiatry backlash from people like us and parents.
  8. ADHD or anti-authoritarian?

    http://www.madinamerica.com/2012/02/why-anti-authoritarians-are-diagnosed-as-mentally-ill/ This article was one of the MAIN reasons I ended up quitting once and for all. It also led be to a political path of libertarian socialism (through Chomsky).
  9. http://www.audiodharma.org/talks/audio_player/4405.html
  10. Curse you euphoria!

    What worked for me is taking a sorta leap of faith that all will work out in the end without adderall.
  11. The Wall

    You know, maybe the problem is unhappiness and not concentration. Maybe we got on adderall to live a life that is not our own. And off adderall it becomes more obvious.
  12. 10 Months Free - and where is everyone?

    It's been 6 month for me. I still have intermittent PAWS. I thought it was over last good patch, but it always comes back and burns my soul in black flames. I finally admitted to myself, that I just really dislike this society and drugs just numb my dissatisfaction with status quo. But I know now, and decided to be more politically active. I joined food-not-bombs and other solidarity egalitarian groups.
  13. Welcome to the realization that long term amphetamine use isn't as safe as they claim it to be. There will come happy days.
  14. The Growth Mindset

    Excellent insight xD (don't need no adderall for insights) Keep em coming. Also we can use the idea to think about productivity in terms of learned skill as opposed to innate problem to be fixed by adderall. A good book on that is Willpower Instinct.