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  1. Im curious, How do you know the people Recently hired are on stimulants? It seems like that would be a reason to not hire them. Is being on adderall at work and everyone knowing about it ok at your job? I always thought if people found out I was in adderall it would affect my reputation at work negatively.
  2. So anxious...

    The anxiety definitely went away for me. It took a long time tho. My anxiety was so bad. It was chronic. But it became less little by little over time. I haven’t had any anxiety in months. Stick with it. You gotta get through this part and it will get better.
  3. Insulin Resistance

    I have the same question. When I quit adderall I had all the symptoms of diabetes. And I thought I was getting it. Of course it could have been the phychosis making me think that, but I still have tingling feet and ive been off adderall 2.5 years. I strongly suspect that my tingling feet are from my long term adderall use.. I’m Pretty sure I was tested for diabetes. I know for sure that adderall can weaken the body and that makes it more susceptible to illness. Wonder if anyone else has any insight on this. I hope you get better soon. I’m sorry you are having to deal with this.
  4. After 1 Year - is it really worth it?

    Hi Cassi. Congrats on making it one year. I’m sorry you are struggling with this. The recovery takes a very long time for some of us. I took adderall for 12 years and I am 2.5 years off. At one year off, I was not doing as well as I wanted to either... I have read on this site from people who try going back on adderall, that it won’t take you back to any semblance of the honey moon phase or even the productive high energy phase. They say when you go back on it, your tolerance kicks in pretty quickly and soon you are back to square one and wanting to quit again. I was still seeing improvement in myself all through the second year. What if you give it one more year off adderall and then reevaluate. i sometimes think about going back on a low dose too. But I don’t want to have to quit again and that pretty much stops me from considering it further. Remember we are older than we used to be when we stared adderall too. So some of the low energy we feel could be partly from just being older. Sorry for rambling all over the place. But I wanted to reply even if it was messy and unorganized. Have you tried any exercise lately? Aerobic exercise will release endorphins and improve your mood. Even a brisk walk can make a difference.
  5. Welcome mcmc. Smart move on the FMLA. Def see if your doctor will back you working from home for a month too. Good plan. I’m also an IT Analyst and also took for over ten years. I’ve been off for two years now. I kept my job but my reputation suffered because of my slower job performance. I don’t enjoy my job but it does pay decent so I stay. I’m curious if you leave your job what will you do? To answer your question, Wellbutrin seems to help people come off adderall because there is a bit of a stimulant effect with it. I’m excited for you to rediscover true connections with people again! You’re doing the right thing by quitting. Please keep us posted on your journey!
  6. Cocoa powder in coffee

    Frank are you still doing this? I think I may try this. Do you notice any difference from the MCT?
  7. Tired of Being Tired

    Thanks for your response. I haven’t always been this tired in my recovery so that is the good news. You’re right I’m probably just In a rut. And it makes a lot of sense what you say about how when you find something you are passionate about it lights up that inner drive. I hadn’t thought of that. You have some really good ideas. Adderall made me feel excited about things artificially. So off of adderall I’m no longer interested in what I was interested in while I was on and I feel lost. I’m going to work on finding things I’m passionate about naturally and see if I can’t break myself out of this. Good job on being off addy and I hope you break out of your rut too.
  8. Tired of Being Tired

    Guess I just need to vent because I know there is no solution to being tired all the time. If you know a magic recipe to naturally increasing energy I am desperate to try anything. I’m much older now than before I got hooked. But I have been off for 2 years and 3 months and I feel tired all the time and all I want to do when I have spare time is rest. Is this normal or could I still be experiencing the aftermath of being on adderall for 12 years? Maybe this is the way people who were never addicted to adderall feel at age 44? maybe it’s hormonal? For the past two years I have allowed myself to be as lazy as I wanted. But I’m beginning to wonder if I am ever going to feel natural energy again. Is it all downhill from here?
  9. 1 Year Free!!!

    Congrats on all your hard work! I know it feels good to have this accomplishment. Way to go!
  10. Is it worth visiting a Neurologist?

    I hear ya. I thought about going to one too. Here is why I haven’t: no matter what they say I am staying off any prescription mind altering drugs. Also the tests that they would have to run to diagnose anything are too expensive out of pocket (My mom has Alzheimer’s and to diagnose her it took 4 different tests, one of them cost $2,500 out of pocket luckily she has Medicare). And I will bet you a million dollars that insurance won’t pay for those tests just because we took adderall for a decade and “suspect we have brain damage”. Maybe in a country with universal healthcare It might be different I don’t know. I just don’t see the value in it. I have a strong suspicion that if I went and said “hey doc I took adderall for 12 years and my Mom has Alzheimer’s and I’m worried I will get it too. What can you do for me?” I bet they can’t do a darn thing. But then I could be wrong. If you decide to go please share your experience with us.
  11. What's the craziest thing you did on Adderall?

    There is so much because I was on it for such a long time. The most recent nutty thing i remember toward the end of my use was that I was convinced that the United States was about to be hit by an EMP while I was at work. So I packed hiking boots, water, and an emergency bug out back pack with city street maps, food etc. and kept it in my car. I wanted to make sure I had proper shoes to get me to the daycare to pick up my son when it happened. Because the EMP was going to fry my car. I pictured myself hiking across the dark city and freeways of fried cars to get my son. I considered bringing my bike with me to work everyday but I couldn’t figure out how to do it practically without it getting stolen.
  12. Adderall Recovery Guide

    That site works. Thanks.
  13. Adderall Recovery Guide

    I tried to go to that website, but I suspect that website Is blocked in America. I get a dns error.. Here in America there is a cold medication with that same name and it contains speed. At least that is what I found just now when I googled it.
  14. Adderall Recovery Guide

    Isn’t that just a super mild form of speed?
  15. New day, same results.

    I don’t have the answer but I know it’s not Adderall. I sometimes feel the same way as you. I took for 12 years been off 2 years. I am so lazy I lounge any chance I get. Energy is so low I think it has to be partly a result of getting older too. Younger people seem to have more resilience when it comes to getting off Adderall. You know going back to Adderall is gonna be - they say all your side effects come back right away and you don’t get the honey moon again. So basically you would just be picking up where you left off in your use. Which was a place that was so bad it made you want to quit. And you’d be back to square one but have to go through withdrawals all over again. Just skip all that pain and stay off.